Information security jobs and best cities of it

Information security jobs are now situated across US, but particularly in business defence and government hubs
Also, peekerscitech was talked about information security basics and information security 
It was scrapped a number of job databases to look at the highest concentrations of information security openings by job title

Information security jobs

1-Firstly the largest concentrations of mid and senior-level information assurance positions are located in New York, Dallas and Washington D.C
2-Secondly the largest concentrations of job title with the words developer or engineer occurred in Seattle, Washington D.C and Anne Arundel Country, MD
3-Thirdly, the largest concentrations of penetration testers and ethical hacker jobs were situated in the Baltimore
4- fourthly, the location with the highest overall average earning was san Francisco

1-Washington, D.C

firstly D.C. ought to come back as no surprise because of the
headquarters of government agencies that use several information security professionals. From law
imposing, to fact-finding, to national security, we
have a tendency to counted brim over ten,000 data
assurance positions presently open in Washington.
after all, wherever, the massive government comes to settle,
there’s a lot of personal catching that gets done
likewise.  and prime non-public companies hiring within
the D.C. space embrace General Dynamics data
Technology, Leidos, CACI, and
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC.   quite alternative
locations, the proliferation of state and intelligence
service work precipitates the necessity for several
jobs with security clearances.  Average salaries by
security clearance roles in D.C. include: Department
of Defense, Secret Clearance, $86,313; Department
of Defense, prime Secret Clearance, $105,938;
intelligence activity with a medical instrument take a
look at, $114,953; and Gov’t Contractor

2-New York, NY

secondly, It is one of the big two information security jobs, finance firms of New York employ thousands of information assurance professionals
And governmental headquarters that require protection for their information
While we tend to presently count near to seven,000 data assurance openings in the big apple,
also, the long run ought to hold more. during a arrange
unveiled by civil authority Bill American state Blasio
referred to as the big apple Works. and the big apple
Works could be a 10 year arrange specializing in jobs
of the long run, of that $30 million is about aside to
assist to make up to ten,000  information  security jobs
supporting workplace districts in Manhattan and
encompassing boroughs.  and In line with the high value
of living, the common data security salaries in the big apple square measure run out $100,000.

3-San Francisco, CA

thirdly In the money and technical school capitol of the
west, it’s no surprise that thousands of knowledge
assurance openings are obtainable. prime employers
embrace a variety of enormous technical school firms moreover as governmental headquarters, Health
Care suppliers, hospitals and college systems. By
career level, middle to superior jobs are a lot of
common in point of entry. although the value of living is
high, earnings are in line with different technical
careers in point of entry. therefore the common pay for IT
security specialist positions are $161,286, over double
the national average. additionally distinctive, the
terribly highest-paid mid-level information security roles
approached $300,000 in pay.

4-Chicago, IL

fourthly Chicago’s prominence in information security does not come as a surprise
When we checked over 4000 information security-related openings were available in Chicago
therefore  Many available positions were in important decision making roles as well
There are numbers of information security professionals in Chicago
and With the number of fortune 500 companies and large organizations

finally, information security has become the features of the era





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