information security strategy in organization

The first is the structure of information security strategy  so that they can defend any internal or external threats by providing confidentiality with the least effort,
The plan, which incorporates and integrates the goals, policies, and main sequence of the organization to work in a strong cohesion
Another definition is a documented plan that has possibilities that correspond to the external evaluation with a set of internal countermeasures
It is also a supportive strategy that affects the organization and its environment by testing internal controls.

There is also general information security to protect against any hacker of the accounts of the organization as well as your personal accounts

also, peekerscitech was talked about information security 

Now we will discuss  the important concept in( IS)   in organization  other information that you need it

Information security strategy

1- Information Security Strategy: Plan or Process

There are two concepts by organizational scholars while they describing ISSIO
Some experts say it is a steady process and some say it is dynamic
If we consider it to be a static plan to be developed, it must add some links between different organizational concepts such as goals and policies

It also includes the use of a strategy development process, combined with organizational information systems

2- Information security strategy in information systems research

above all Researchers have done some individual research in the methodology of information systems from different directions

The researchers focused on addressing the problems that support the strategic vision of the organization
And Business Information Systems
Also, coordinate information security efforts
All this is systematic and ongoing evaluation.
The next steps for an application are to analyze what researchers have done
Building an information  strategy based on the theoretical field and determining how it  implements
The nomological network helps to understand of ISSiO phenomena in the information systems

The security of information is lacking in the outside, ostensibly to the strategic organizational literature, but also to the literature of strategic information systems

A new and ideal transformation is required to support internal protection that focuses on information at the organization level to strategic strengthen the level among organizations

As a result, we conclude that an information security strategy is a broad organizational framework that reaches a certain level among organizations

3- Limitations of Research into Information Security Strategy

The organizations are likely to be of great benefit to seek a comprehensive strategy for the security of information
firstly, the precursor conditions which
when met, cause organisations to consider the use of ISSiO.
secondly, the constituent elements of an
ISSiO for operationalization.
and thirdly, the benefits that can be enjoyed by an organisation upon




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