Internet addiction disorder treatment


Internet addiction disorder of modern problems facing the entire generation
So we decided to talk about it and offer practical solutions to get rid of this addiction

Internet addiction disorder

Firstly,What is the internet addiction?

Internet addiction takes too much time on the Internet without stopping and forcing it

such as social media addiction 
For example on video games or within your work or school
Studies and reports indicate that the internet is affected by %38 of general population

Secondly, What Causes It?

Disorders are generally difficult to determine because of their exact cause but there are no contributing factors.
And also the disorder of the Internet is almost what happens in your mind when you add any drug.

One of the most important causes of this disorder is the presence of dizziness changes that occur in the front of the brain and is detrimental to your ability to determine your priorities

Internet disturbance affects the center of brain pleasure, for example. You feel that you are attractive because you surf the Internet and excrete dopamine responsible for this process
There are also biological preparations contributing to this disorder
If you suffer from anxiety or depression, the Internet is a place to escape

Thirdly, What are the Symptoms? 

Feelings of guilt
No Sense of Time

Fourthly, How is it Diagnosed?

There are diagnostic criteria in determining Internet addiction disorder
Firstly, When used online just feel good
Secondly, Always busy with what is happening inside the Internet
Thirdly, Efforts are made to reduce the opening of the Internet
Fourthly, Turbulence, volatility and mood

if you find one of them, you have an Internet addiction disorder

There are also other diagnoses
1-Loss of job or important relationship due to Internet.
2-The Internet is used to escape problems and reduce bad mood

 Fifthly, The treatment

1-The first step of treatment is to recognize the existence of a problem
2-The use of antidepressants and anxiety helps alleviate the addiction of the Internet
3-Physical activity and sports also help to reduce dependence on the Internet
4-There are also some psychological treatments such as

1-Behavior modification
2-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
3-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
4-Equine Therapy
5-Recreation Therapy
6-Reality Therapy


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