In 2018 Is iOS version still superior to Android?….let’s know it

Over the years we have presented articles discussing iOS version and Android system and their respective advantages. But Apple and Google are constantly developing their systems so there is a need to rethink the comparisons and are they still valid in 2018? In fact, Google has already developed its system in an unprecedented way in recent years. But we see that Apple is still superior to these reasons.

It is known that the Android system is not as it was in the past. There are significant changes and developments occurred on this system. And became very close to the system of iOS until the choice between them is difficult. Regardless of the strengths and weaknesses of both systems, there are things you can do on a system without the other.

iPhone iOS version applications are still the first in terms of design and performance

Many apps now have the Android version and the iOS version, but because you are a user of both devices, or one of them, iPhone or Android, you will find a big difference between the two versions in terms of design and performance as well as the features in the version of iOS in Android. Most applications are also supported by the Enhanced Reality feature, which is not seen in Android applications. It is enough to look at the size of the app in iOS and its size in Android to see how many graphics the other system lacks.

Instant updates for everyone in iOS version

Iphone owners have instant updates of iOS version that may reach up to two updates in one week at times. Especially updates aimed at patching security holes. In the case of Android, it may take up to months for the update to arrive, and only for the top or new devices.

Before you object and say buy Google Nexus / Pixel from Google, even in these devices you will find a difference is that Apple supports its devices 3-4 years of updates, while Google explicitly stated that it guarantees only 2 years of promotion.

iOS version Work on all devices

If you have more than one device for Apple, you will find a great integration between these devices. For example you receive a connection on the iPhone. And answer from the Mac or iPad or the clock as well as text messages. And various media You can sync all of these things on any other device and enables you to Handoff from starting on a machine and completing it on the other. Sharing files from iPhone to your Mac, for example, is done quickly and smoothly thanks to the AirDrop feature.

As for Android, you can’t make this perfect harmony between your devices except by using external applications for almost every function.

iOS version
iOS version

No more default applications in iPhone

When you buy a new iPhone you will find a few basic applications, and you can reduce their number by uninstalling. Or even hiding some of these applications, the feature provided by Apple in iOS version 10. In the Android system you will find a number of virtual applications installed on the device. When you buy You can’t remove any of them. All you have to do is disable these applications and the app stays on your device. And occupies an area you might most need someday.


iMessage, FaceTime & FaceTime Audio

Apple makes it easy to communicate between iPhone or iPad owners through the three services that make communication easy and fast. With the iMessage application, you can send longer messages at the same time to any user on another Apple device. For FaceTime, it is an excellent way to make video calls and it is easy to switch between phone calls. FaceTime Audio enables you to make a voice call via data in the case of a weak Internet. And in some cases the connection through this service is better than the local network, but still rely on Wi-Fi.

iOS version
iOS version

Better control of notifications

What distinguishes Apple from the notification feature is its existence within a single option where you can customize it as you like. Unlike Android, it integrated into other settings, although recent updates make notification control much easier than before.

Finally, There some disadvantages listed above that can  avoid. When loading additional applications that modify the system to add these advantages. But there is another important point and disadvantage in Android that the more applications you carry.  And modify the system the less the performance significantly. To solve these problems there will be other problems. He noted that we did not talk definitively about speed because the comparison is between systems and not between phones.


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