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iPhone company launches iPhone 11 pro with more cameras

iPhone company considers one of the largest company is related to Android smartphones
In this year the company released many phones It’s hard to compete with them in the phone market.

iPhone company

The iPhone 11 Pro is the most powerful phone on the phone market

The camera a real step forward sizable battery upgrades new matte finish on the back

iPhone 11 pro review

above all, iPhone works a lot of efforts into its triple-lens rear camera, performing a trio of 12MP lenses that shoot regular, telephoto and brand new ultra-wide perspectives

The iPhone 11 pro has the best low-light camera with high quality we have tested on a phone
The video appears and sounds best in class from the oversized rear cameras,
We found the biggest jump in the physically smaller 12MP front camera
It now logs in 4K and shoots slo-mo video

We found the battery life to be noticeably better than any other iPhone
The iPhone 11 Pro is the one to get if you want the most advanced iphone

iPhone 11 pro release date and price

iPhone 11 pro release date was Friday, September 20
also, Iphone 11 pro price costs at $999 for the 64GB model

The new iPhone 11 pro has in three storage sizes with the paltry 64GB option joined by the default-best-for-most people 256GB and the power user maxed-out 512GB
There’s no 128GB which would probably be the ideal beginning size for most people

iPhone company

Design and display

We’re wont to Apple being repetitive with its phone style – we have a tendency to had the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the iPhone four and 4S, and also the iPhone five and 5S – therefore seeing it follow this formula for the iPhone eleven professional is smart.

Every year we’d hope that Apple would bring one thing new that iPhone fans would be ready to get genuinely excited regarding – finally, seeing a phone with an entire style may be additional visceral expertise than being told a couple of slightly uprated camera. Instead, Apple began stretching the look cycle.

The iPhone six became the iPhone 6S, that morphed into the iPhone seven, that successively became the iPhone eight.

In the case of the latter telephone that didn’t matter such a lot, because the iPhone X, sporting AN all-new style, launched aboard it, that the world got the ‘new’ iPhone it wished.

However, that iPhone X then became the iPhone XS, that has become the iPhone eleven professional we have a tendency to see currently. Why the prolix history of iPhone style before we have a tendency to get to the current new model


Smartphone patrons square measure progressively keeping hold of their handsets for extended before upgrading, and a brand new style is a true temptation to trade up.

Battery and IOS 13

IOS 13 is the latest version of apple’s operating system
This brings new features to the new phone range despite these will also be rolled out to older models via software updates

The performance of the iPhone is something apple is touting hard especially in the gaming area
The tagline of the fastest smartphone on the markets is not going to go anywhere
And we found no tip of slow down when spinning through the device
The gaming performance of this phone focused by the A13 chipest was wonderful-running at native resolution at 60 frames per second, the speed which the light reflected off the character’s armor in the game pascal’s wager has made some changes to the battery in the iphone 11 pro




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