Japan’s latest inventions

While we are looking for any kind of modern technology we find in the state of Japan.

Latest invention in japan is the best topic will talk about it :

Firstly , the japan invented a lot of invention such as canned coffee , karaoke , emitting- diodes.

Japan also invented sony and Phillips .

Secondly, Japanese is the main of invention television.

It speaks Japanese and English .

Japanese invented a new things like a new gadgets in order to make industry still work.

Thirdly, many engineers is resident in japan more than any country.

Japan also invented a lot of patents in 2004 , so it is the most country in it.



It is a capital of japan , it is a the best city in technology.

Nation produced blue led and walk man .

Although , Bluetooth hand is the invention , there are different between the Bluetooth and bitescan.

It is small and light and you can select the speed .

You can collect the number per minutes.

You can use the bitescan under the back of ears .

Japan will make this product available in the market this year.


Michigan state university looks for fingerprint to discover more than about it , so it uses an linkjet printer

Although , fingerprint is very strong , linkjest can be hacked .

Ergo puts in the back of ears , it deals with I modern android smarts phones.

Qoobo therapy robot

This invention will be presented in june , 2019

Japanese engineers have developed this invention with some funding by Yukai Engineering

The cushion shapes and the sizes like a toys and it has a strong wagging .

Qoobo is a comfortable and warmth


Perfect babysitter it is a cocotto.

The good sleeping comes with a good healthy and wonderful life .

Firstly , Panasonic invented a child care partner .

It likes a bowling in shaping .

Secondly, it has a song to help children to comfort and not disturbances .

A digital make over

It is a japan’ s latest invention .any woman look for beautiful looking .

You can see a thicker eyebrow and more changing without no real chang in your face.

there are a lot of tools such as a graphics editing and live video to watch it.

Numbers of brushes can be used it and changing your style hair too.

The big target is wedding photography and cosmetic brands.

New super market

There are many online stories .but here is different .

Electronic supermarket is latest invention in japan

It has a automatic lower prices that want it .

Linkray allows for visitors to chech a prices with mobile phones and choose the best prices .


Calorie scanner puts your dinner foods to get measure the extent of healthy food.

It takes a time between two minutes to three minutes .

It helps people to lose weight ad support the diet .

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