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Know more about achievement of Nasa mission

Achievement of Nasa mission are Penetrating the universe and the vast space
It is established in 1958 and the last 60 years
Then the cold war gave birth to the space race and an unprecedented program of scientific exploration
US achieved landing a man on the moon and returning his safety to the earth

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Achievement of Nasa mission

Project mercury

It is the first U.S program to put humans in space
It includes 25 flights and six of which carried astronauts
This process took up to 34 hours of weightless flight

The Gemini Program

firstly It is trained astronauts and ground crews for future Apollo missions to the moon
and The big target is testing an astronaut’s ability to fly long duration flights
Also how a spacecraft could rendezvous and dock with another vehicle in earth orbit

The Apollo Program

firstly This project landed the first humans on the lunar surface
This project marks a shift in technological progress
And developed technology to meet other national interests in space
Also advancing humanity’s ability to work in the lunar environment


Skylab expedition flagged the way for the international space station, the four, and wind mill like solar arrays were attached to the Apollo telescope mount

Apollo Soyuz test Project

In 1970s U.S There were strong relations between the United States and the Soviet Union
They entered into a world of race and space together
and The competition for cooperation between the two countries was allowed in this project
finally It is the pave the way for the establishment of international missions in space

Space shuttle Era

firstly It flew 135 missions and carried 355 different people to space
It considered first reusable spacecraft, the space shuttle carried people into orbit repeatedly
Also repairing satellites and conducted cutting edge Research

And built the largest structure in space

Hubble space telescope

It was launched into low earth orbit in 1990
Also it is one of the largest and most versatile
In 1991 saw the launch of the Compton gamma ray observatory which joined it

Space station Era

firstly It is an ideal model for global cooperation and scientific advancements that is enabling growth of private industry in low earth to enhance human space exploration
Also it built in 1998 and 2011
And research in microgravity supports advance scientific knowledge
Also nasa has contacted with commercial companies space x, orbital atk and sierra Nevada corporation to deliver science investigations




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