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Holy person Alphonsus neurosurgeons utilizing progressive innovation

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as mentioned in Saint Alphonsus just performed one of the first brain tumor surgeries in North America that features a new technology in the field.
Experts say its use is also helpful in biopsies of cancerous tissue – proving that 5-ALA is a versatile technique that surgeons at Saint Alphonsus will be using quite a bit throughout this clinical trial.
Intrinsic gliomas – or brain tumors – start within the brain itself, therefore in brain surgery, Dr. Bruce Andersen says it’s extremely difficult to draw the edge.
“This highlights cancerous tissue that you normally can’t see or detect any other way,” Dr. Andersen said.
Now, a new technology aimed at making surgery more effective is being tested out in the United States




TSA considers using scanners with CT technology for checkpoints

as mentioned in CBS NewsMark Laustra is a vice president at Analogic, one of about five companies developing CT scanners for airport checkpoints.
Steve Karoly, acting chief technology officer at TSA, thinks the CT technology will be “tremendously better,” but while it has promise, more testing is needed before it can be rolled out.
To help speed things up, the TSA is considering new scanners for carry-on bags that produce 3-D images, similar to CT scans.
The TSA already uses much larger CT scanners to see into checked bags, but the new ones have to be smaller and quieter in order to work at a checkpoint like this.
The TSA found a record number of firearms at airport screening checkpoints in a single day last Thursday, discovering 21 firearms in carry-on bags nationwide.

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