Learn more about all social media sites list

Nowadays there are social media sites list give you many information and fun
Social media sites are used every day whether in job or home

also social media sites list 

Peekerscitech talked about many topics in social networking 

social media sites list


It is one of social media site based on friendships
Also in 2011 it acquired another social media platform is named hi5
And you can connect with other through games


This platform depends on dating and there are 200 countries participate in it
It shares details around people nearby in your area
This platform is so closed


This site focuses on music and offers an interactive with friends
Also you can write and share your picture
You can have personal profiles to share videos
The number of users is 20 million

4-the dots

This platform help people in the creative process
Also you can support you in build strong and creative sector
The founder want to make the creative industries
Also more open and meritocratic


This platform is based on community
It offers magazine to target teens in different fields
Such as fashion tips, advice and chat
Also it allows for teens to know their skills and interests


This platform belongs to French
It allows for users a free web to post blogs
It also presents in five languages


It was launched in 2003
Also it is available for storing and sharing
it considered a leading bookmarking service
and allowing to tag them with any keywords


It is a social media sites for sharing photos
Also offering unlimited storage for members
Therefore no fear from storage space
You can collect many albums of images in it


The musician used this platform
You can connect with other in the music industry
It allows offer tools to musicians
And reach to industry partner easily


This platform is related to people who loves movie
Also desire for connecting with different people
You can share movie reviews and rating
Also users learn about movies and new movies


This social media platform helps to build relationships around the world
Also helping people to be healthy


It is a social media site for supporting mom in various topic such as fashion, health and food
Also learing from the experiences of other mothers


This platform is interested in spinning, knitting and crocheting
Also share their ideas
You can advise people for sharing in it





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