Learn more about android smartphones tricks

android smartphones tricks are more than you can imagine
therefore you must to know until understand your android smartphones
now you will read about The most powerful tricks

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Android smartphones tricks

1-android casting

You can by chromecast From broadcasting an Android phone or computer screen to a larger television screen
It can also broadcast applications and movies
You can take advantage of the shortcut mirroring in the Quick Settings pane
You pull the screen down and find an cast option

2-Run apps side by side

One of the important options in Android 7.0 nougat
You can run apps side by side
This is very useful when viewing images and when multitasking
But using them in games is not feasible
To set it up click the Overview button
And select the applications that you have recently downloaded and want
Press and hold the button at the top or left of the screen
Select another application and open it

3-make image more visible

If you can not see what’s on the screen, you should do some tricks
Either by zoom in or out
And to change the size settings
Open the Android settings and go to the display address of the list of
Click the font size link to change it
The size of the default line in Android becomes either zoom in or out

4-Android volume

Android helps you to adjust different sound settings
It works to change alerts, phone calls and alarms
Here you go to the settings and open the sound
You find that the sound adjusts individually from the slider
Android gives you a quick and easy shortcut too
Press the sound button. This will set the ringing tone and a small box will appear showing you the sound settings and change the sound afterwards

5-Screen pinning

If you give your phone to anyone and do not want to roam and search
The screen install feature means that the screen is suspended on only one application so that no one will be able to access the application without your knowledge

6-smart lock

This feature gives you the opportunity to choose to unlock your phone
It gives you instant access feature but only from your home
Go to Settings, click the Security button and then select Smart Shutdown
This also disables the lock screen when you are at home

7-Default apps

One is the interplay between the Android system and other systems such as the IOS system
Both give you the choice of default applications
To browse the web, emails, photos, and more
The default application opens automatically when you do anything on your phone
You go to Settings and click the gear button in the applications and choose the applications that you would like to be with you

8-Notification log

The android keeps a record of alerts but is hard to find
If you go wrong away from the alerts you will find it difficult to turn back
Click and hold an empty portion of the Home screen
The display settings mode appears and select User Interface Items
Then drag the icon to a blank space on one of the screens and then escape
An automatic list will appear, then select Check Out




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