Let’s know about blockchain technology

 firstly, the blockchain is more important than Bitcoin.
It Will change the shape of financial institutions, industry, trade and all life.
 and The affect block chain do not less important than the internet.
  also it Distributed around the world on the blockchain and public.

Blockchain technology 



 The digital record records the emails with currencies you want to send.
 then, It is registered with the general record which has no central .
 In this case the order will sendone time because it recorded on the general record.
And it is impossible to change.
and The general record is called blockchain.
Reason calling the block chain:
this is a chain of block,then there are a more information related to each other.
And To change them you must modify each chain.

How to work the block chain?

 firstly, It records in block the data and when happened and Fingerprint block is called(hash).
Every block has a unique fingerprint(hash).
 secondly, There is not manipulation in block chain because any change is going to reach the world .
Don-tapscott said that Digital assets like money, music, anything else and Don’t store in a central location.
Although it is distributed to international accounts, and  it is not store in a centrallocation.
 thirdly, It uses a high standard of Encryption.

When a specific business process is done, it is sent around the world by millions of computers.
There are a groups is called the miners
 and they have Powerful capabilities hundreds of times greater than Google.
Every ten minute did a chain block.
The miners are trying to do some complicated problem.
Who does first to solve the problem for verifies of blockchain.
 also The rewards are the digital currency (Bitcoin).
The Revolution is block chain technology in the next future.

The Bitcoin:

 finally, A component that expresses the amount of power that is consumed to configure the currency.
Every new market will face a risk.
If you want to invest in bitcoin, you have to be warned.
So you don’t lose a lot of your money.


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