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Let’s know about Chinese Social media

Social media has become a feature of the present era
Chinese Social media is the famous platforms you must to know it
Also Peekerscitech was talked about many topics in social media sites and android smartphones

Chinese Social media


Chinese Social media

There are a massive monthly active user over 1.06 billion
You can use online shopping games, financial services and combine this with its huge user count
This apps equals facebook , instagram, skype and whatsapp
Also you allow international brands to sign up for subscription
And helping them to market contents in WeChat
WeChat enters into e-commerce by using mini programs
It offers discount coupons and ride hailing

2-Tencent QQ


User in the Chinese market up to 803.2 million monthly
It provides a bunch of different services
Such as gaming, music, movie, blogging and chat
This service is made of Tencent QQ an incredibly famous with users
Also QQ involves a big degree of marketing functionality
And give to user a chance to publish ads and links to friends
Also QQ offers a paid marketing feature
It helps users to create and publish content for products
This platform is definitely to keep an eye on


Chinese Social media

It is known in the international market as tik tok
And it releases in September 2016
And using to allow users to create and share short videos
It involves 6 million users in the United States
Also it used among younger users
The aim of the platforms is created and share short punchy clips laden
It features an addictive feed promoting videos from users all over the world
And provides offering a mix of creative and irreverent content


Users use this platforms over 455 million active monthly users
Also users can download pictures and edit quickly and easily
Meitu considers a popular site but the platform has faced some criticism because the picture is unrealistic
It uses for brands in the beauty or cosmetics industry
Such as GUCCI and DKNY

5-Sina Weibo

Chinese Social media

It released in 2009 and has become the most famous micro blogging
You can upload gifts, images, videos and test to their networks
Users are in this platform 446 million monthly
it shares functionally, enables Weibo to be a huge source of trending content and information




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