Let’s know about fourth industrial revolution

 fourth industrial revolution:

The German government has submitted a report about industry four.
You’re talking about a new era of industrial production 

it will find a way in all the industry in the German economy.
In all field of business & science and The political .

and they are working together to make (industry four) for reality.

It consists of complete industry of production process.
And the transformation of traditional central working methods to digital Decentralized methods.

klaus Schwab published fourth industrial revolution term.

And his book that titled fourth industrial revolution.

 also klaus Schwab said that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

Fourth industrial revolution leads to Integrate technologies

as artificial intelligence and internet of things with human’s physical lives.

also, thinking of voice activated or digital health care.
That all these changes in technology.

 above all,  it is going to make a radical change in how to operate individuals and companies.

fourth industrial revolution considered Fourth generation of the first industrial revolution.

The first industrial revolution depended on the operation of steam machines.

and, The second industrial revolution depended on electric power such as machines

also The third industrial revolution depended on Electrical and digital appliances and automatic production.

 the benefit of  fourth industrial revolution:

 firstly, the fourth industrial revolution

it features Melting the border between the physical world and the digital world.
It’s not just changing what we’re doing, but it’s changing us.

With the possibility of drawing brains activity using simple devices.

 secondly, this will give us a greater understanding of ourselves.
 thirdly, In new ways,it will open Mysterious Boxes. We do not know it.

it Gives us a more ambitious identity.

How does the fourth industrial revolution work 

  after that, There is a scientific basis for what the braining call especially in ageing
it will give a new factor to change our life and The relationship between us and the planet.

The machine becomes more intelligent.
It has thinking about it to push moving and working anything.

Then we come as humans and take the extra step to help technology.

Robot is one of the most important components of the fourth industrial Revolution.
Artificial intelligence is component of the fourth industrial revolution.

Liquid filling processed in bottles.then it is programmed

and show the most important element in the smart factories in the future.
Every bottle has a radio chip with Accurate recipe for bottle content.

in every step The bottle communicates directly with the machine to tell ithow to deal.
Finally, The computer knows if each bottle is properly created.

Internet of things is component of the fourth industrial revolution.
Connecting the machines with human being will create different word by internet .

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