Let’s know about solar energy


Solar energy is one of the alternative energy that operate in a solar system
NASA has also been interested in providing conditions for studying the solar system

Despite the many renewable energies but solar energy has a more of uses

Solar energy 


Definition of solar energy

it  works to produce heat, some chemical reactions, and generate electricity
Solar energy has recently been discovered and is capable of meeting our energy needs in the future
It is an endless renewable energy.
it is the largest source of energy that Earth receives

Uses of solar energy

Solar power has great potential
The earth can receive more than 200,000 solar energy every day
Solar energy considered free, but in storage, conversion and collection, it is expensive

Thermal energy

Flat panels are the largest application of thermal energy
Flat panel collectors consist of a glass panel covered with glass
It is then heated by the sun falling on it
And also less after the period of this heat and transferred to the air or water and called tanker fluids
All this flows behind the solar panel

There are another method to convert a thermal energy in solar ponds
They composed of saltwater flats designed to store solar energy
It produces foodstuffs, textiles, industrial products and others
You can also cook food in sun-designed sun-loungers that operate from a wide area to a central point

Electricity generation

Solar radiation can be converted into electricity by solar cells
Electricity generated when light collides between metal and semiconductors
Also the intersection between the different semiconductors
The single cell allows about a watts by connecting large numbers of individual cells together.

Small photovoltaic cells that operate on sunlight and have their use as an energy source in watch and calculators

Power plants use central and concentrated  to focus sunlight from a large area on a small black receiver
It  used for steam plant and also power station for steam turbines
There are another application to solar energy
Production of salt from seawater by sea
Solar water desalination plants that convert salt water to drinking water


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