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look for an image on google in simple steps

in the beginning, look for an image on google is a possible task
We all want to look for different images to help us, whether in our work or giving different gifts to each other.
Therefore google is a suitable place to find better images on it
Now we will talk about how to look for an image on google

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follow us

look for an image on google

-using google search on desktop


ok for an image on google on desktop
look for an image on google on desktop

1-enter the google images page
2-tap on a camera icon on the right side of the search bar that’s in the middle of the page
3-if you want to find images that match a certain word or phrase, just type that word or phrase into the search bar and tap enter to view image results

4-choose a photo upload option

-paste image URL- to copy an image’s web address, open the image, tap the address bar at the top of the windows to select it, tap either ctrl+c
-upload a picture- tap this tab if the image that you want to use

5-upload your photo.

Upload option you selected:
-paste image URL- tap the search bar, press ctrl+v
-upload an image- tap choose file, locate and tap the image you want to use
6-review the results

look for an image on google


-using google chrome on mobile

1-open google chrome. Press the red, yellow, blue, and green chrome app icon
2-press the search bar.
You will find at the top of the screen
-it is impossible to press + in the upper-left corner of the screen
3-enter a search term
Type the word for that you want to find an image
Then press go iPhone or android
4-press the images tab. On the top of the screen
This will display all image results for your search query
5-choose an image to use
Press an image which you want to use and the image will open
6-tap (:) below the image
7-tap search by image. It’s in the drop-down menu
8-finally, review the results

using google chrome image on mobile
using google chrome image on mobile




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