Build 2017: Microsoft develops artificial intelligence to deal with human capabilities

During Build 2017, Harry Shum, Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft. Talked about the evolution of Microsoft’s work with it  “In the coming years it will be hard to imagine any technology that does not support AI. Because artificial intelligence future is now capable of disrupting all vital industries, such as banking or retail, and all business operations,” he said.

With the development of AI technology, it also undertakes to expand and scale up endless human creativity by empowering people and helping them become more productive.

This technology is still new to some, but Microsoft’s investment in artificial intelligence technology is not. The foundation of AI technology has been established for more than twenty years. Through pioneering research in areas such as machine learning, speech recognition, computer vision and recognition on the pictures.

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Microsoft has brought AI artificial intelligence to every developer

Microsoft has announced 29 Cognitive Services offerings, giving developers many options to integrate and use AI artificial intelligence with a few encrypted lines of code.

The new services include Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision, Custom Decision and Video Indexer. Microsoft also launched Cognitive Services Labs, which allows developers to participate in scientific research to contribute to a better understanding of AI technologies.

Improvements in language and speech comprehension techniques include moving computers from computers to human understanding, so-called conversational AI.

Redefining artificial intelligence future from Microsoft

future technology of it  in Microsoft Office has made it easy for users to create and enrich written content. Users can see it in the Office Researcher, which helps users search and document files in seconds. In PowerPoint Designer, language is suggeste and visual design elements are suggested.

The ultimate AI technology dream by MicroSoft is being work on by Cortana Smart Voice Assistant, with more than 145 million Cortana users in many different countries. With the rapid expansion of hardware and platforms. Microsoft wants to make it easier for every developer to reach users Whose numbers are increasing daily.

In addition to Harman Kardon’s Invoke headset, Cortana also has partnerships with HP and Intel reference platforms to provide Cortana support devices.


One of the success factors of artificial intelligence technology is the data that you need to train and learn from

At the Build conference, Microsoft provided developers with more details about Microsoft Graph. Which allows customers to convert a number of data to artificial intelligence future features. Microsoft brings business data and global data into Office 365 programs.

Microsoft Graph, along with business and customer data, is partnere with a new partnership with Tact. An expert sales platform, at the Build conference. Microsoft demonstrated how MS products and services, including Dynamics 365, Office 365. Microsoft Teams and Assistant Skills Smart Cortana, Microsoft Graph and Sentiment Analysis. In the Virtual Sales Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence Technology from Tact later this year.

“Microsoft” Global Software opens a school of artificial intelligence in France

Microsoft has opened a new branch of the School of Artificial Intelligence future (AI), which includes 24 students from various disciplines, to oversee student research and technology projects, said Carlos Borasanta, principal of the school.

The students of the new school are between 19 and 39 years old. They come from the Faculty of Law, Business Administration and Finance, as well as from the faculties of science and biology. The study focuses on the calculations and statistics on the development and re-development of communications.


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