Modern technology in education 2019

Modern technology in education have an important role .
examples of technology includes a part of education.
It uses a tools for developing process so we will talk about it.

Modern technology in education

Factors affecting technology in education

Firstly, the technology requires from the teacher to know how to use the modern technology.
Teachers are the main for success and application in education.
There are commonly cited barriers are in :
1-firstly, lack of time
2-secondly, lack of resource
3-thirdly, lack of expertise
4-fourthly, lack of support

Impact of modern technology

Also modern technology effects for increasing an opportunity and improve quality
Modern technology helps for the calculation and analysis of information.
Secondly, obtaining for examination.
Thirdly, it promotes learner engagement as learners choose what to learn.
Fourthly,  kids depends on more a digital communication than writing skills.
Fifth, Increasing Incidents of Cheating
Graphical calculators and others became a bug source to cheat in exams
Sixth, lack of focus
Learners are connected to the Internet all day, which reduces their results

The important of modern technology

1- Global platform

Many learning offer online courses
And the student can enter from anywhere
Also video as skype and viber are platform for student and teachers.

2- Efficiency

The learner can evaluate the online test with efforts
The evaluation are flexible and fair
Student can test when they are ready to do it.

3- Improved interaction

Such as dropbox which allows uploading and sharing content with a number of people.

4- Special needs students

There are many app that initiate with special needs
The technology help to close the gap between regular student and needs students .
Also the needs student can enjoy the fun activities

5- Addressing learner’s diversity

Students need to a visual or audio stimulus
And online learning modules
Also learners are boring and uncreative without technology.
And learners have to use aids digital for excellent blend of learning and fun

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