Modern technology, the world of robotics and artificial intelligence

Modern technology is the secret of progress in many areas of life

in today’s world,
We note the amazing progress in the world of technology,

especially in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics,

The simplest thing to notice is the smartphone we’re currently holding in our hands.
And computers and many machines that work mainly on the use of technology and artificial intelligence

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Modern technology and the amazing development that is happening to the world around us

Modern technology has helped improve life around us

by using some easy methods,
It is simple to work and produce as well as to facilitate

human beings and help them with daily tasks.

A clear example of the use of technology in today’s world

is what smartphones do,

And how many skills and abilities the computer can achieve

and things go the way you want without effort.
Robots were used to perform industrial production tasks,

to carry out tasks, hard work and also to work that was dangerous to human life.

Such as welding, spray paint and other works

that may cause the error to be dangerous to human life.

Because of the constant development in the world of technology,

therefore, old technology has been replaced by newer methods

and methods than programmable robots.

This technology introduces artificial intelligence

that allows robots to operate in full swing and faster than humans,
And also at very low error rates than human rates with the

a distinction of being efficient at work as well as great speed,

Thus, the quality of the work is improved and

the human psyche is preserved from any danger.

For some, the concept of technology is limited to a computer,

Which is worth noting that the computer is a technology.

But if we talk about the concept of modern technology in general,

It is the use of techniques to solve big problems and new

innovation by individuals in order to reach a useful and beneficial outcome that benefits human beings.

such as you can use modern technology in health by digital drugs that are called  binaural beats

Artificial intelligence what it is and how it achieves a human well-being

secondly, the human being also uses his idea to adapt the piece of iron

(robot) that is in front of him to make it achieve the desired results.


before, the correct concept of modern technology is “to use

scientific knowledge in the best way, to produce it

and to apply it to the service and well-being of human beings”.


Artificial intelligence what is it and how achieves it a human well-being

What man doesn’t realize is that artificial intelligence

that man is currently developing makes machines self-develop based on the information they collect.

Artificial intelligence is manifested in a number of modern inventions of robots and computers,

Some sites that collect information about humans

and send results that are appropriate to human identity are even programmed.

Conversational robots use artificial intelligence

and are robots that replace humans in answering customer queries,

understanding their problems and providing more efficient and accomplished solutions and answers.

Large sets of information are used and analyzed

by ai regulators
This allows search engines to provide preferences that suit the whims of the researcher and the user.

therefore, Artificial intelligence relates to the ability to think

by computer and software processes and analyze this data more and send it and extract results.

Artificial intelligence, as some believe, is the development of robots

to make the intelligence of a human brain-like machine and some

believe that robots can control the world as this image exported through science fiction movies.
But it’s really not meant to replace humans.

The main objective is to facilitate human life, to help people and to

keep their time from being lost.

The world of robotics and modern technology

A robot is a machine and is a collection of iron pieces adapted

by man to carry out the set of commands provided

by the human mind.
But as we mentioned above, recently, man has been trying

to develop the minds of these machines so that they can acquire

information and make machines self-developing themselves

based on the information they collect.

also, This thing is man-made and programmed by a computer

that is also man-made, so this technology ultimately depends on

the human mind, so that the human mind created

by God is indispensable and gives it the ability to learn

and innovate to facilitate difficult things in world life.

also, Robots vary in terms of function and performance,

and the areas targeted by these robots vary, including military, educational and service.

robotics technologies
robotics technologies

The robot first appeared in 1920 in a play

by the Czech writer Karl Chapek, the play entitled “Rossum’s Men of the Gm”,

through books and sci-fi films in world cinema such as Hollywood

and others,
In the 21st century, we find many ideas and inventions

for these machines and the continuous development in the field of

technology in general. Right now we can see drones,

It costs less, as well as the use of steering,

and these small-sized aircraft carried out by giant aircraft such

like the F16, F35, and there has become a great obsession in

inventions and creativity in this field.

Not only in the military field in education and services such as

customer response, but also in restaurants, robots have been

developed to serve food.

therefore, In the coming years, we are witnessing a major development in

various fields of technology and the boldness of scientists in providing all
Their efforts to serve science and humanity.




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