NASA is preparing the deterrent hammer plan to face the end of the world .. Giant nuclear explosion !!

The US space agency NASA is preparing what it called the deterrent hammer plan to face the possibility of the planet’s planet, or the ends of the earth.

The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph published a report revealing NASA’s plans to face the possibility that a giant asteroid, called the “doomsday asteroid,” would destroy life on Earth.

These plans show that NASA is preparing a giant nuclear spacecraft. Which can move or detonate an asteroid on the Day of Judgment.

The US space agency has published details of the deterrent hammer plan

“The US space agency has published details of the deterrent hammer plan, which it called the” Super-Speed ​​Asteroid Response Mission in Response to Emergencies. “As part of this mission, NASA is seeking to build a giant ship weighing eight tons to be able to dismantle A giant meteorite swimming in space. NASA has already announced its delay in identifying and locating large asteroids in deep space, but the world is currently actively seeking to map dangerous rocks as it moves through the solar system. Over the past year, the 2012 TC4, which is 100 feet near the Earth, passed only 27,000 miles from Antarctica, a distance that scientists have described as very close.

The detailed plans, published in the scientific journal Akta Astronoteka. Reported that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Nuclear Security Administration. It had calculated the time and load they would need to divert or destroy the 1,600-foot Pino asteroid.

deterrent hammer plan
deterrent hammer plan

NASA already has a space probe on its way to the asteroid “Pino”

Nasa already has a space probe on its way to the Bino asteroid for sampling and observation of the asteroid. Since it was discovered in 1999. Although the probability of this asteroid hitting the Earth is small, it is still considered a near-Earth object. This asteroid is estimated to hit Earth and cause damage to the use of 1,450 megatonts of explosive TNT.

The paper also referred to the US Atomic Energy Agency’s statement on the magnitude of the damage the asteroid could cause. Suffice it to say that a single warhead with the power of Jigaten, whose explosion was 10 miles away, is capable of igniting fires of 430,000 miles, more than four times the size of the United Kingdom.

Dante Loretta, a professor of planetary science at the University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Satellites and Planets. Said the impact of the Pino asteroid collision would release more than three times the amount of nuclear weapons. That detonated through history. “It will unleash 1,450 megatonne of explosives,” he said.

deterrent hammer plan
deterrent hammer plan

NASA has indicated that the vehicle will be under the command of the deterrent hammer plan Force to Control Asteroids

NASA said that the vehicle would be under the command of the “rapid response deterrent force to control the asteroids.”

The giant ship expected to weigh 8 tons, so it can move any huge space rock to serve as a “hammer” that can stop any attack on the planet.

NASA earlier reported that the planet  much delayed in preparing a map of dangerous rocks. Which move in the solar system, which could pose a threat to the planet.

deterrent hammer plan
deterrent hammer plan

The paper warned that the Earth will need years of continuous warnings before implementing the deterrent hammer plan

The paper warned that the Earth will need years of warnings before continuing to implement the deterrent hammer plan. Scientists estimate that the time between the start of the construction of the hammer and the delivery of this vehicle to the asteroid, intercept and destroy it, is 7.4 years.

finally,The Earth hit by an incredibly constant collision of asteroids. But most of these objects are small and unable to cause significant damage. And often occur in uninhabited areas. In 2013, a meteorite exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Causing the debris of this meteor to smash the windows of houses for 300 miles.

According to the report, the International Earth Observation Center of Earth Sciences (IES). It has counted a total of 73 celestial bodies with one chance of 1,600 hits. It is worth mentioning that many institutions dealing with space studies around the world. They are seeking to establish similar simulations of their own.

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