Video – NASA: The largest asteroid of the “Khalifa Tower” threatens the Earth Planet in February

NASA has published a new report on the approach of an asteroid known as the “Astrod AJ129 2002”, describing the magnitude of the giant asteroid longer than the Khalifa Tower, the UAE, the longest in the world, where the size of the asteroid about 1000 feet .

NASA organization  said in its report that the asteroid would be at its closest point of Earth Planet on February 4,

According to scientists, the speed of the asteroid is about 34 kilometers per second and scientists classify it as potentially dangerous but the chance of colliding with the Earth Planet is nil or at least during The next 100 years.

The chance of an asteroid colliding with Earth planet is virtually nil for 100 years

“We have been following this asteroid for more than 14 years,” said Paul Chodas. An astronomer who runs NASA’s Near- Earth Planet Object Studies Center. “As we have been tracking this asteroid for more than 14 years. We know its orbit with great precision. “Our calculations indicate that the 2002 AJ129 asteroid has no chance – zero – of colliding with Earth on February 4 or at any time over the next 100 years.”

Adding that category of asteroids potentially dangerous include any asteroid within the distance of 4.650 million miles of land, whose diameter is greater than 500 feet. Note that the moon is 238.86 thousand miles away. So giant telescopes are being built to find asteroids of similar size that threaten our planet.

“I do not think many people are aware of the existence of this fantastic object in space,” Patrick Taylor, an astronomer and planetary radar expert at the Arecibo Observatory, told Posines Inzidre in an e-mail.

“The Arcepo radar will give us a broader understanding of its size, shape and rotation, by measuring the three characteristics,” Taylor said.


Earth Planet
Earth Planet


Defend the Earth Planet from dangerous space rocks

Although the asteroid AJ129 2002 is not a direct threat. The observation of these particles with extreme precision is critical to defending the Earth from dangerous space rocks.

The task of “defending the planet” may seem like a science fiction maneuver. But NASA is serious about tracking and preparing deadly asteroids. So the agency gives a monthly report to the US Congress. The reports include the 300,000 objects orbiting the Earth Planet. One body is capable of destroying a large city and wiping it off the map of the world. NASA’s recent study has shown that Americans fear this natural disaster much more than they fear human terrorist attacks.

The agency is working hard on a massive telescope, known as “Lest”. To conduct a comprehensive scan to monitor all that is close to the Earth Planet.

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