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Moon Europa
Moon Europa

Will NASA succeed in discovering organisms on the Moon Europa?

The Moon Europa, which revolves around Jupiter, is one of the most popular places in the Solar System with life-sustaining qualities.

The moon, located 500 million miles from the sun, contains a surface under its surface that can host microbes, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” British.

A robot diver will sink into the waters of Moon Europa to search for life

NASA says it has taken a small step to send a robotic landing ship, as well as robots that will dive into the waters of Moon Europa to seek life.

In its recent report, the space agency unveiled its three objectives in its next research on life. “The main objective is to look for evidence of life on Europa.

The other targets include the possibility of housing in Europe by direct analysis of materials from the moon. It also includes characterization of the moon’s surface and below the surface, to support future robotics to explore the moon and its surroundings.

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Europa is almost the size of the Earth’s moon, and in its structural form it is like a chocolate-filled chocolate cake, with a depth of 62 miles (100 kilometers).

Scientists have long believed that the ocean is one of the most likely places to host space objects from among the sites of our solar system.

Moon Europa
Moon Europa

Europa Lander, “the first NASA mission, to search for space creatures

The Europa Lander will be NASA’s first mission dedicated to finding space creatures since the Viking Mars spacecraft in the 1970s.

NASA believes that any spacecraft on Europa is likely to be in the form of microbial cells.

“If the possible scientific return of the Europa Lander model could result in life in Europa’s ice appearing. To be at a level comparable to one of the most extreme wild environments on Earth. The Vostok Glacier. This mission could discover life Above the icy surface of the Moon Europa. ”

Moon Europa
Moon Europa

Moon Europa is an unknown environment to be discovered

“Based on the specific concept of the mission in question. Self-driving underwater vehicles to explore the ocean worlds will need to work independently for days,” said Steve Shane of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Or months. ”

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Within this time frame, vehicles must manage their own resources and explore a largely unknown environment. Including moving from one entry point to another. Which also acts as a communications link that sends messages to the outside world, “he said.

Moon Europa
Moon Europa

Flight of Moon Europa

NASA will work closely with engineers to design a system that would allow the robot to land on the moon.

The space agency is currently planning to fly to Europa, which will launch early in the 1920s. It expected that this flight may help scientists map their journey and form a picture of the glacier and the ocean. The space agency is currently planning two meetings to discuss the Europa Land report. Which will  hold on March 19 and April 23.

Moon Europa
Moon Europa


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