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NASA organization Aeronautics Administration know more about it


NASA organization Aeronautics Administration is an agency

of the Government of the United States of America,

It is the agency responsible for space flights

and the achievements in the world of modern discoveries outside our water planet.

The agency has made great discoveries in our world

and has made great progress on the Russian Space Agency (formerly the Soviet Union).
This scientific research and discovery have enabled us

to identify the scope of the universe and celestial bodies outside our atmosphere.

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NASA organization


NASA organization
NASA organization

above all, it launches history in the space race and its genesis
NASA is the product of the U.S. belief that it is in great

danger by the Soviet Union, following the Soviet Union’s launch

of the moon (Sputnik-1) specifically on October 4, 1957,
The unique moon, which became the first human-designed

satellite to capture information and images from outside the atmosphere of any part of the Earth.

The United States of America has confirmed that this moon will pose a major threat to the great state and make the Union

The Soviet sits in the race by a wide margin. So we find a major uprising from the U.S. Congress and warning of a danger
Big called by the Americans “Sputnik Shock”

NASA organization
NASA organization

NASA was founded in 1958 by order of the President of

the United States of America in
That time Eisenhower,
The agency did not start from scratch but was a small entity

called the National Space Science Advisory Committee

and named
Naka then developed the name to NASA after the U.S. government

intervened and began to raise funds to fund research.

I found a state of rivalry between the eastern

and western hemispheres and launched many space shuttles,

Satellites until 1989, when the soviet regime began to crack in 1991.

NASA organization

The U.S. federal government allocates $16 billion annually to

NASA to ensure that the agency outperforms

According to sources, the agency employs more than 21,000 employees with fixed jobs and about 20,000 employees on temporary contracts

NASA’s achievements in space and the first man on the moon
it was able to organize a space flight after several studies and experiments and the first American human being landed on
The moon, a famous astronaut through the pages of history, Neil Armstrong, was that human landing on
Space in 1969.

NASA organization

And with this historic achievement that gave sovereignty to the U.S. agency over other competitors.
This step remains the beginning of a monopoly in the field of technology and space sciences under American sovereignty that it has volunteered to serve its interests.

A clear example of the use of these forces to achieve personal interests,
What America has done to launch some of the satellite cameras used in the American war on Iraq,
These cameras transmitted the battle events directly to the space agencies from the first moment to the end of the battle.

NASA’s Most Highlights and Future Plans


NASA organization
NASA organization

NASA in recent days is preparing for the largest space mission to protect the earth from danger.
Asteroids approaching it and in recent years as reported by the Agency we find these asteroids may approach the Earth but fortunately they change their direction to the moon or attract any other planet.

Next year, NASA will launch a mission into space and the goal of this mission
Is a test for forwarding
Asteroids are even crashing away from Earth, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.
and This mission is a test for the purpose of detecting any space rocks approaching the planet and attempting to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere.

In NASA’s latest chart is the spacesuit test that astronauts on Mars will use,
The suit tested in an atmosphere similar to that of Mars inside a volcano in Iceland.

NASA organization

NASA organization
NASA organization

This coincides with the planning to launch a mission on Mars. A suit called MS-1 made by Michael Lee will be used at Rhode Island College.
also, The astronauts using a suit called the Space Z-2, which WAS announced by NASA in 2014.

According to the specialized newspapers, the Z-2 suit weighs 65 kg, while the advanced suit, which will be tested, weighs only 23 kg,
The predecessor is rigid, flexible, rear-opening and holds it at high temperatures.

finally, The world is waiting for a lot of agency in the years to come. The agency announced several plans under which Mars will be discovered and to ensure the adaptability of humans and plant and animal organisms,
With its climatic conditions, many new telescopes tested and developed that enable us to see the world more clearly outside our galaxy.




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