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NASA organization the first woman to step on the moon 2024

NASA organization is planning on the first woman on the moon.
Thanks to modern technology and the most prominent scientific achievements and research, the moon’s surface are very close.

NASA organization and the first steps of humans on the moon and the course of the 2024 journey

During a hearing of the U.S. House Of Representatives

Committee on Science and Space Subcommittee on Wednesday, September 18,
During that session, some expressed concern about the agency’s

progress towards the goal of landing on the moon in 2024.

One of those who attended this session was Ken Boursox,
Nasa’s acting assistant administrator did not question

the exact deadline.

Speaking to him and asking him specifically how confident

he is that NASA will achieve its goal in 2024,
The answer was: “You won’t be able to do that on my eldest son’s birthday or anything like that.”

The 2024 goal is a good thing,
Attacking the Agency and claiming to be wasting time

and draining money helped to focus the Agency’s efforts


and attention. He stressed, however, that meeting the deadline was not the agency’s main objective.

“We will do our best to achieve this, but as I said, it is important that we go our way when we are ready,” he said.

A former NASA astronaut, Boerox, said:

also, “We have a lot of things to do with that wonderful project.

We have to get our funding,therefore, 
We have to balance the spending on this project

and then we have to do it well and get the job done perfectly.

He said there was a lot of risk in setting the launch deadline announced in 2024.

NASA is doing this work through a lunar exploration program called Artemis,
Its goal is to use the moon as a starting point for human space flights to Mars if all goes according to plan.


Plan to climb on the moon and take it a base for a space journey

According to the plan that was talked about it
NASA is building a small space station orbiting the moon called the Gate in early 2020.
The portal is the key to artemis’ plan because it will serve as a space mission centre.

This research is about astronauts leaving from their position

on the moon to any part of space and returning to the agency on Earth after their work.

The space agency aims to land two astronauts, including the first woman to walk on the moon.
near the moon’s south pole in 2024.
Not only that but the establishment of a permanent presence and a stable life in and around the moon by 2028.

It was neil armstrong’s first moon landing since the Apollo era.
Vice President Mike Pence has lifted a four-year timetable for repeat landings on the moon.
“Necessity must be our motto,” Pence said at the time.

The United States must remain in space in this century as it has in the past, he said,
Not only to drive our economy and secure our nation but above all.

Most importantly, the limits of this space, like all great frontiers, will be written by those who have the courage to get there first and commit to staying.

Nasa organization’s plan


 above all, Nasa organization is planning for achievement the Artemis goals, with using Orion capsule and a huge rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS)
For the record, Orion once flew an unmanned test mission into Earth orbit in 2014.
But the SLS launch system is long overdue and has not yet been tested.
The lack of test flights operated by crew members is clearly a concern for NASA, particularly for Texas Administrator Jonso, who chairs the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

He indicated that the attempt to land on the moon in 2024 would come as part of its first crew mission, which is focused on exploring Mars.
She added that this surface mission could represent the first landing flight and the experiment of the spacecraft that takes astronauts to the gate.
Talking about American space command and advancing the role of women in space flight is a good thing.
But it’s not a substitute for a well-managed exploration program because the United States, and Congress, won’t overdo the money for tampering and experiments, they want plans and results.

And people who can stand accountable for what has been wasted and receive a penalty or be honoured for the achievements that may occur.





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