NASA launches new service to register your name and send it to Mars

Thursday, October 26, 2017 4:09 pm The US space agency NASA will give space lovers the opportunity to send their names to Mars next year aboard the vessel “Lancer Land”, scheduled to launch from the base, “Vandenberg” air in California in May 2018, It will be the first mission to explore the depth of Mars.

The spacecraft will install a seismic scale and meteorological strikes using the seismic energy of these phenomena to study the material on the surface of Mars. It will also publish a thermodynamic probe that will be deeper than any other device on the Red Planet.

NASA inviting to send your name to MARS, Here’s How to book Mars ticket

The join procedure is simple: visit the site and round out a short shape. You should present a first and last name and for U.S. inhabitants, a postal division—yet an email address is discretionary. On the off chance that you’ve put your name on a NASA mission some time recently. Keep the flights connected by looking down to include InSight.

When you present the frame, NASA organization makes a “ticket” for your extraterrestrial adventure, which you can print, download, or install. There’s no loading up time or entryway number, however it shows off your glitzy goal: the Elysium Planitia, or “plane of perfect satisfaction,” named for the paradisaical area of the black market Greek saints were accepted to be admitted to after their demise.



How will humans reach Mars by 2030?

NASA has announced the steps it will take to connect humans to Mars by 2030. NASA has unveiled a modern technology video to make it easier for visitors to reach the Red Planet.

According to the Daily Mail, Wednesday. The section explains how technological development can be introduce so that humans can travel to Mars, as well as who can visit any celestial body.

NASA says the mission requires it to create a modern and more sophisticated spacecraft. Or rocket from the rocket used to transport humans to the moon.

The spacecraft is capable of carrying about 130 tonnes, providing enough fuel for a nine-month trip to Mars. Solar energy can also be use to supply the spacecraft with electricity.

NASA has recently announced to its director that mankind will not be able to continue and exist long. Only access to planets other than Earth, including Mars as a first step.

Charles Bolden, the current director of NASA, the former US astronaut. Pointed out that humans have to learn in the next two centuries how to live on several planets, otherwise they would have suffered a disaster, as he put it.

Boulden pointed out that access to Mars will then help mankind to access other galaxies and live in, which is dreamed by mankind, he said.

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