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Facebook Is Putting the Fake News Fight in Your Hands

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as mentioned in If it’s determined to be fake, the story will still remain on Facebook, but it will be flagged as disputed and include a link explaining why.
Related: Facebook Is Putting the Fake News Fight in Your HandsThe disputed news flag was introduced a few months ago, along with a suite of new tools that allow users to flag anything they consider “disputed.”
These stories can still be shared, but you’ll be warned before you do and they’ll be more likely to appear lower in News Feed, according to Facebook.
Facebook is now trying to help its 1.86 billion users cut through the clutter by adding a “disputed news” flag to stories that have been debunked by third party groups.
The line between fact and fiction on Facebook can sometimes be a bit blurry thanks to a slew of fake news or biased sites that can sometimes make it hard to suss out the real story.

as informed in As Search Engine Land founder Danny Sullivan notes, Google has been dealing with this kind of problem for some time.
But Google also plays a role in the promotion and dissemination of false information, and in some ways, it’s a more disturbing one than Facebook.
In some ways, Google’s mistakes are arguably more dangerous than the fake news that circulates on Facebook.
This has become even more important recently because Google doesn’t just want to provide answers in a box on its website.
If clicked on, Google then provided a list of 10 reasons people hate Jews, drawn from a notorious anti-Semitic website.


Facebook Launches A New Tool That Combats Fake News

as informed in Facebook’s Fake Advertisement ProblemInterestingly, Forbes staff writer Matt Drange recently pointed out that Facebook is also vulnerable to fake advertisements.
Initially, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was skeptical that the spread of fake news on the social network could have influenced the election.
Google responded by banning fake news outlets from the AdSense display ad network and by tweaking the Google News algorithm to filter out fake news.
Back in December 2016, Facebook said that it would bury fake news articles and label them as hoaxes in the News Feed.
Donald Trump via TwitterFormer President Barack Obama also acknowledged that the spread of fake news on Facebook became a major problem during Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail.

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