The top 10 new features of the iPad 2018 make it unique

Apple launched a new version of its iPad tablet named iPad 2018 at the end of March, to represent a huge leap in the tablet market, where the new Apple iPad provided the powerful A10 Fusion processor with the support of enhanced reality technology, the first tablet device outside the iPad series gets On the Apple Pencil digital pen that offers users many new features and experiences, and the new iOS 11 features powerful new features for the device.

Today we will highlight the top 10 new features that are of interest to the iPad 2018 users.

iPad 2018
iPad 2018

Instant encoding on the iPad 2018

Is a feature that lets you mark anything on your iPad 2018 using the Apple Pencil digital pen, whether it’s PDFs, screenshots, or images.

When you take a screenshot that can be done by pressing the power button and the main button at the same time the screen thumbnail appears in the lower left corner for a few seconds and before it disappears you can click it to enter instant encoding mode. In this mode you can draw lines, symbols and arrows To write texts and make other changes to images, and once you have finished, you can share the edited images, save them in “files” or save them in “images”.

Instant Notes feature

By clicking on the Apple screen on the iPad 2018 screen while the lock screen will open the device in the instant notes mode, allowing you to take notes without opening the iPad fully, while everything you do will be saved in the Notes application for reference later.

To activate this feature you can go to Settings and Notes and click on Access Notes from the lock screen and choose an option that suits your needs.

iPad 2018
iPad 2018

Inline DVR feature in the iPad 2018

Before you released iOS 11, you had to click the encoding icon before you could use the Apple pen in the notes, but now with the iOS 11 version you can start drawing directly with text writing by touching the screen using the Apple stylus.

The built-in drawing feature prevents text from overlapping with the graphic where the text automatically moves to the side so that it does not intersect with your drawings or you have to scan, repaint, and adjust yourself again.

You can also draw in the Mail application, as the application starts supporting graphics in the messages, so your emails can have some notes and illustrations. To start using this feature, you can click on the screen and click Insert Drawing to start using Apple pen.

Scan and Sign digital scanning feature

It is a new feature in the Notes application that allows you to scan your documents or important papers and convert them into a digital copy. You can make all the required modifications and sign them electronically using the pen.

To access this feature on the iPad 2018, you can open the Notes application, click the Plus icon, click Scan Documents, the iPad will display the scene that appears on the back camera and automatically scan the displayed document once it has a clear enough shot or you can click the capture button directly.

iPad 2018
iPad 2018

Writing with one hand Keyboard Flicking

The iOS 11 system provides one-handed working mode with the Flick option to enable numbers and symbols to be typed more quickly and more easily. There are gray color keys above most of the on-screen keys that can be accessed without having to switch because the keyboard layout Instead of clicking a typing key, you can now click on it and drag to switch from normal to upper. This is very useful in typing numbers because you no longer need to click on the icon to change the keyboard layout to show the numbers. You can also type numbers Ra with the possibility of using Apple’s pen.

iPad 2018
iPad 2018

split the keyboard into two halves and move Split Keyboard

The keyboard split into two halves and moved and placed on each side of the screen instead of making it take half of the bottom of the screen making it easy to write on the keyboard while holding the iPad 2018 with both hands.

You can activate this feature through the keyboard settings and then activate the Split Keyboard, and through the keyboard press the button in the bottom right of the button to show you two options, select Split, and if the keyboard returns to the normal state long press the button and then chose Dock and Merge.

iPad 2018
iPad 2018

The New Dock feature

Swiping up from the bottom iPad screen will bring the Dock, no matter what you’re doing on the device, making it easier to access your favorite apps and switching between them much faster. You can also customize the right side of the Dock for your favorite applications, On the left side, you can see the applications you’ve recently used, and the Dock is capable of carrying more than 10 permanently installed applications and showing the 3 most commonly used applications.


Split the screen and Split View

This feature lets you use two applications at once. While the Dock lets you easily work on multiple applications at the same time, you can drag an application out of the Dock to create Slide Over or drag it to the left or right edge of the screen to create a Split View.

You can also work on an application in Slide Over and view two applications in Split View and watch a movie or use FaceTime to put an image into the image, all on the same screen.

Drag and Drop DRAG AND DROP

The new drag-and-drop feature allows you to easily drag, drop text, links, images, or files from one application to another. Pressing and finger tapping starts with dragging. While the other finger used to bring a Dock or access the main screen to open another application. Where the item pulled stripped.

Drag and drop works best when you use Split or use an application in Slide Over mode. Drag-and-drop with links, URLs, and images from the Photos and Docs application works from files and articles from the News and Sites app from Apple Maps.

iPad 2018
iPad 2018


The last feature is the new control center, which you can access by double-clicking on the home button or making a long pass from the bottom of the screen. The app switcher opens, where the control center located on the right side of the screen in both horizontal and vertical mode Your Dock too.

The control center can provide access to a wide range of functions that can also be customized such as: Adjust volume or skip a track on the music panel You can also set a specific timer or turn on Night Shift mode.

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