Nintendo switch Fortnite

Competition has become a powerful game in Nintendo switch between Mario and Zelda with the owner to Nintendo.

While the Nintendo switch systems are different , it will prove on epic ‘s battle royal In most switching systems.

Japan is also famous for this game with the Americas and Europe.

we talked before about the best sellers of Nintendo switch games 

A switch company sold a 22 million units But did not disclose or talk about the downloads.

In addition to, A very large percentage of the downloads were put at about 10 million

 Nintendo switch Fortnite

A huge number of downloads appeared during the day of downloading the game.

Most Sales Included Super Mario Odyssey,so The title is directed to this game by name the breathe of the wild.

In the other hand, Fortnite is free.

There is no game to play today but Nintendo switch Fortnite will help you to spend a lot of time on it.

Fortnite is the biggest and best games in the world.


News about fortnite :

epic do not want to capture Cancellation of video switching system in late 2018.

Epic Would like to improve and develop performance next time.And consider the introduction of the system of re-insertion devices.

In the other news about fortnite, Epic Looking to give an opportunity to the races will know more about the eighth season.
The sound inside the game will improve it.

The official developer is also looking for ways to prevent accidental buying.

Epic are talking about an important topic, which is to create a new self-propelled car in the future plan.

The latest version of the game Fortnite 8 in this day.

The new season will be place for strong competition

Epic thinks In a new season with another season.

This is a first new season for Fortnite.


We recommend you try the Nintendo Switch fortnite

You will enter the battle and descend from your area and collect resources and gear

also you can play with your friends

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