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Official announcement of the Nokia 6 smartphone version 2018

HMD Global officially announced its new Nokia 6 smartphone or 2018 version after the first release was announced early last year as the first Android smartphone on the new Nokia phones, what’s new Nokia 6 2018 and how is different from the version last year?

Nokia 6 smartphone specifications

  • the design

The Nokia 6 smartphone 2018 is a metal chassis, but the front is made of glass, which makes the phone feel stylish. Its dimensions are 148.8 x 75.8 x 8.2 mm, while the weight is a little heavy at 172 grams, and the phone supports two pieces of communication.

It is worth noting that the design is so that it allows the ventilation of the appropriate phone and does not increase the temperature, where the places placed ventilation at the top and bottom as well.

Nokia has made the Nokia 6 2018 available in the following colors: black, blue, silver, copper, and light black.

Nokia 6 smartphone
  • the screen

Nokia 6 smartphone 2018 is a multi-touch IPS LCD screen measuring 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels, 73.2 percent of the front of the phone and 403 lumens in brightness, so the phone gives users a clear view of their contents even in the The sun is especially in Warm mode.

The screen is equipped with Corning Gorilla’s third release system against breakage and shock, which is a positive point added to the features of the phone.

Nokia 6 smartphone
  • the performance

The phone comes with the Snapdragon 630 eight-core processor from Qualcomm, a 2.2-GHz Cortex-A53, and the Adreno 508 graphics processor allows users to enjoy gaming freely without any flaw in the phone’s performance.

In terms of memory, the phone has 4 GB of RAM and the internal space is available in 32 or 64 GB. The phone receives external storage of up to 256 GB, allowing the user plenty of space to download applications and other programs as he likes.

Nokia 6 smartphone
  • the battery

The 3000 mA non-removable phone battery can withstand the user for one full day.

The phone supports fast charging technology, and the Bluetooth version is very modern 5.0 which gives a wider range and greater speed during the transfer and reception to and from other devices.

The sensors in the phone are: Fingerprint of rear trance, acceleration, rotation, proximity, compass.

  • Camera

The Nokia 6 2018 comes with a 16 megapixel rear camera, f / 2.0 lens, dual LED flash, 8 megapixel front camera and F / 2.0 lens slot. The phone can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

The features in the camera are: Horizontal Panorama, Face Detection and HDR, which improves image contrast.

Nokia 6 smartphone

Features of the Nokia 6 smartphone 2018 make many users want to buy it

  • The phone supports the fourth generation and is the latest communication systems
  • 4 GB RAM
  • The quality of the camera enables the user to take pictures of acceptable quality
  • The screen is equipped with Corning Gorilla protection system, the third version against breakage and shock
  • The phone supports the radio
  • The phone comes with an extra microphone to prevent noise
  • For sound effects enthusiasts the phone  powered by Dolby audio for a cleaner sound when recording
Nokia 6 smartphone

Nokia 6 2018 problems are:

  • The phone battery is not removable and can’t replace in case of damage
  • The phone is not standard to protect it from dust and water
  • It weighs heavily, making it difficult for the user to carry it in the pocket and also feel it while holding it in the hand.
Nokia 6 smartphone
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