Nokia phone “Asha” Feature smartphone Brand Trademarked with HMD universal

collected by :Roy Mark

Some readers may remain from a while back Nokia android phone used to have a feature smartphone brand dubbed “Asha”; the devices were highly affordable and particularly aimed at emerging markets, though were obtainable in developed markets too.
The Asha range, in spite of being feature phones rather than smartphones, did feature touch displays and a choice of on-line services, or applications if you such as , such as FB, whatsapp applications, and Twitter.
Well, fresh specifics have emerged who review who HMD universal, the firm who is spearheading Nokia phone’s revival by producing Droid smartphones under its name, has trademarked the Asha brand once repetition.
Of course this proposes who HMD universal can have intentions to revive the Asha output in some shape or form.
Nokia /HMD  rumoured to be producing an Droid Go smartphone endeed, formerly dubbed the Nokia  one, can this chock the market by Asha branding?

fresh Nokia phone nine Leak proposes An Important Feature Is Missing

Coming up to the 1-year anniversary of its Some readers may remain from a while back Nokia phones. It used to have a feature smartphone brand dubbed “Asha”; the devices highly affordable and particularly aimed at emerging markets. Though  obtainable in developed markets too..  HMD universal determine to launch a flagship Nokia phone handset.
The latest (a leak is of the physical back cover) approves many of the Guessed specifics. However there’s a missing detail which worries me.
Ewan Spence Reported by Nokia android phone  strength User, the design approves 2 important advanced for the upcoming Finnish flagship.
The big oval space for the cam lens housing is another subtle affirmation of the Nokia phone nine’s double lens cam system.
however it too uncoversone reason to stay bythe Nokia eight rather than move up to the Nokia  nine.

Nokia phone
Nokia phone

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Surprise Move with Nokia android phone Strikes Key Feature From Body Cardio Intelligent Bathroom Scales

extremely it came as a bit of surprise the time this morning the Nokia android phone Health application on my iPhone said me an important message was awaiting me.
this time I Must tell, pulse wave velocity was always an elusive measure to gather for me.
however it does make the Body Cardio ($179.95) seem less appealing than the Body+ scale who purveys for $eighty less.
Pulse Wave Velocity was 1 of the major differentiators, though the Body Cardio does have a rechargeable battery.
actually, Nokia  too makes another connected scales who has many of the advanced of both (though not heart average measurement or complete body composition analysis) and who purveys for much less continue, the Body scales cost $59.95.

Disadvantages of Nokia phone Asha

  • The phone doesn’t support the front camera which means you can not enjoy the video chat feature with friends and relatives.
  •   Fixed camera focus
  •   The processing speed is not good and this deprives you of multi-tasking uses
  •   The screen resolution is not of high quality
  •   The RAM for the phone is very small and is expected to be 128 megabytes
  •   Does not support smart connection