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Nokia phones 2019 discover the best part one


Nokia phones have a long-running legacy, we can not forget the huge history of it

Therefore, we will talk about the best Nokia phones in 2019

Nokia phones

Nokia has gathered its fair share of dedicated fans, who enjoy Nokia phones low prices but relatively decent specs. But there are many Nokia phones, it can be hard to choose which to buy

Nokia offers new phones for each year now read this article and choose the best for you

Also, peekerscitech was talked about Nokia phones in a specific topic

1-Nokia 9 PureView

It released date February 2019, the weight: 172g / dimensions 155*75*8mm/ OS: android 9
Screen size : 5.9-inch / resolution :1400*2880
CPU: snapdragon 845
The RAM:6GB / Storage 128GB / battery :3.320mah
Rear camera: 12MP and front camera: 20MP

Nokia phones
Nokia phones



The Nokia 9 PureView has a glass front and back sandwiching aluminium sides
It remains both sides polished and it gleams with the best looking phones

The sides lack the rounded edges of other phones and there’s the barest of angled bezel between the sides and the flats front screen .this all makes the phone harder to grip, requiring users to squeeze the sides to pick it up


The front 5.99-inch OLED display is as expected, with a respectable 2800*1440 QHD resolution
That brings it in the range of most flagships of its age
And also bright and sharp enough on its own, producing vivid colours and boasting a brightness that few other phones can rival

In-screen fingerprint sensor

The in-screen fingerprint sensor is poor even after a software update to speed up the scanning, its seems to accurately recognize a registered fingerprint less than half the time and only when it’s placed in the exact right position

2-Nokia 8.1

Nokia phones
Nokia phones

This phone is one of the best Nokia phones you can buy
It release date December 2018 / weight : 180g / dimensions 155*76*8mm / OS: android 9
Screen size: 6.2-inch /resolution : 1080*2280 / CPU : snapdragon 710 / RAM : 4GB / storage : 64GB / battery: 3500mah
Rear camera: 12MP, 13MP/ front camera :20mp

Design and display

Firstly, glass on the front and back, aluminium around the sides
Secondly, A large 6.18-inch full HD display
Thirdly, features a 3.5mm headphone jack, not waterproof
The front and rear of the phone is made of glass and there’s an aluminium frame holding the whole thing together
The corners of the rear of the phone rounded meaning it sits in the palm of your hand comfortably
The rear of the phone houses a fingerprint scanner that we found to run quickly and be in an easily reachable position

The camera sits above the scanner. It’s raised out from the back of the phone quite a long way
in fact, it protrudes out another 1.5mm over the phone, meaning the handset won’t sit down flat on a desk next to you

the bottom edge of the Nokia 8.1 features a USB-c port as well as single speaker, that is remarkably easy to cover-up
you may find that an annoyance when seeing video
the side edges of the phone are clear apart from a volume rocker, power button and the SIM tray

battery life

firstly, a 3,500 mah battery packed inside
secondly, ok performance, but is not going to last you more than a day


Nokia phones
Nokia phones

1-not as powerful as a flagship camera, but good performance
2-focus is not incredible but the high-resolution dual-sensor rear camera
3-selfie shooter is top-notch with a 20MP sensor




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