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Nokia phones and facts behind the failure


Nokia phones are a Finnish transnational corporation based on the twelve might 1865 as one-mill
operation. Through the nineteenth century the corporate enlarged, branching into many completely
different merchandise. In 1967, the Nokia corporation was shaped.
within the late twentieth century, the corporate took advantage of the increasing quality of laptop and mobile phones. However, exaggerated competition and different economic process caused changes in Nokia’s business arrangements. In 2014,
Nokia’s movable business was oversubscribed to

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Nokia phones

In the 1970s, above all Nokia launched the Nokia DX 200, a digital switch for telephone exchanges.
also, The DX 200 was the workhorse of the network equipment division
Also, its architecture gave it to be further improved into other switching products

In 1984, then, the development of an exchange for the Nordic mobile telephony network  started
Also, the network equipment division was integrated with a Finnish state entity to form “ telefenno”
In 1987, after that , the U.S sold its participates in telefenno to Nokia and in 1992
There was mobile telephony. In the 1960s. also, Nokia began producing commercial and military radio telephones
In 1979,  Nokia and Salora based a joint venture, “Mobira Oy”
Mobira improved mobile phones for the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) network, named the IG and was the first fully automatic cellular system

In 1980,  also, with the chief executive officer, Nokia phones expanded, mostly through the buyout

In the 1990s,  then, Nokia organization experienced financial challenges and losses
From 1990 to 1993,  finally, Finland was in recession, Vuorilehto made major changes to the Nokia corporation

Nokia’s important moments:

-in Oct 1998, Nokia phones became one of the best selling brands in the world
-in 1995 Nokia’s operating profit reached $1 billion to $4 billion
-Nokia phones became the best selling, Nokia 1100, was created in 2003
-Apple-based the iphone in 2007
-all smartphones sold in the world by the end of 2007. also, apple’s iphone’s had a mere 5 per cent share of the global market

There are many reasons for Nokia’s fall

1-Nokia’s technology less performance than apple’s
2- Differences and quarrels between managers to reach the highest position
3-lack of vision

Nokia phones
Nokia phones

For understanding its fast downfall from its position as a world-dominant and innovative technology organization,
Studies contained interviewing 76 Nokia top and middle managers, engineers and external experts and conducting in-depth investigations

-firstly, At that point Nokia suffered from organizational fear;
The organizational concern  grounded during culture of temperamental leaders and frightened middle managers;

-secondly, the middle management frightened of telling the reality as a result of they feared being fired;

-thirdly, Top managers were fearful of the external setting and not meeting their quarterly targets;

-fourthly, Executives afraid to in public acknowledge the inferiority of Symbian, Nokia’s operational system;

-fifthly, They knew it’d take many years to develop a more robust OS that would vie with Apple’s iOS;

-sixthly, Top executives  fearful of losing investors, suppliers and customers if they acknowledged their technological inferiority to Apple;

– seventhly,  Top managers intimidated middle managers by inculpatory them of not being formidable enough to fulfil their goals;
Top management  the song to middle management UN agency felt telling the reality was useless;

-eighty, Top managers lacked the technical ability that influenced however they might assess technological limitations throughout goal setting; by comparison, the highest engineers at Apple were all engineers;

Nokia phones

also, Instead of allocating resources to the action of long goals like developing a replacement OS, Nokia management determined to develop new phone devices for short market demands

and Nokia’s culture of standing has crystal rectifier to an environment of shared concern that influenced however workers were interacting with one another.

then, The human issue was further to economic and
structural factors and along they need to generate a
state of “temporal myopia” that hindered Nokia’s
ability to pioneer. workers expressed that high
managers and administrators were not imperishable
by Nokia’s core values of Respect, Challenge, action
and Renewal. This study points out the overriding
importance of shared emotions among workers and
their powerful impact on the company’s fight.

and We asked Amalia Sterescu, Leadership adviser what
steps ought to leaders go for keeping themselves
connected to their workers and bear in mind of their
emotions and state of mind.

Nokia phones

Nokia phones
Nokia phones

“in a world dominated by digital transformation, leaders should understand that operating with the old mindset will not help their companies face customer behaviour changes or new types of competition-more aggressive and more diverse “

firstly, Having the facility of continually difficult the
an establishment can permit leaders and their
an organisation to embrace a culture of change;

secondly, Collaborative leadership vogue is going to be
obligatory, the policy of closed doors can die quickly

thirdly, bit levels except for this leaders have to be
compelled to learn once more a way to properly
hear their customers, partners and employees;

fourthly, Before having the ability to know their employees’
become additional aware. Emotional intelligence in
action won’t be simply an ability nice to possess —
can become obligatory particularly once at the
choice table leaders can have a mixture of
generations as well as Millennials and Z;

In the end, leaders ought to master the facility of
taking responsibilities for unhealthy choices,

unsuccessful innovation lost market share despite
the danger of losing their standing, role, bonuses.
Learning quickly from failures or from different
companies’ failures can facilitate leaders repair,

minimize risks & damages and style higher services &

finally, Middle managers can like additional spirit to
challenge the business executive or Sr. Leadership
for the good thing about the entire organization and
to accomplish this unit of time ought to act as a true
business partner and mitigator

Why did Nokia marketing strategy fail?


Nokia phones
Nokia phones

finally, Nokia’s marketing strategy was not up to the market, the Nokia company failed to come up with the epic sets and not been implemented the correct strategy of branding

then, the customers’ trust took  over by the other companies and the selling and distribution was not proper and also it became impossible for the clients to return to Nokia
as through innovations Samsung and others have already won and people were unable to allow the traditional concept phone a though





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