Nostalgia overload: Verizon perhaps bring back the Palm phone

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Nostalgia overload: Verizon perhaps bring back the Palm phone. Rumor has it which TCL going to launch a Palm-branded phone on Verizon in H2 2018.
however you’ll be happy to realize which what’s old Information Systems cool another time, as Verizon Information Systems planning on relleasing a fresh Palm phone in the 2nd half of this year.
Beyond the reality which a Palm-branded phone made with TCL going to likely chock Verizon shelves in 2018, we don’t realize much else.
Editor’s Pick Palm making phones another time Information Systems major, however it beat’t be the Palm we knew Over the past couple of years, there has been this teased idea which Palm – “webOS” Palm – going to once another time be making phones.
When TCL’s BlackBerry phones haven’t purveyed as well as other smartphones, the concept of bringing back old phone styles & brands Information Systems getting further & further common.

A Palm phone reboot Information Systems announcly coming to Verizon later this year

Verizon probably release a fresh Palm device in the 2nd half of this year, an anonymous source told Droid Police.
The rumor backs up what a TCL executive told final August, while he approved to Dutch publication Droid Planet which the Corporation would release a Palm cell smartphone this year.
TCL did’nt reply to comments while we reached out at while, in spite of Former reports which the Corporation had no plans for the Palm.
According to Droid Police’s report, the cell smartphone Information Systems foreseen to run on Droid operating system, & TCL has announcly returned to Palm’s erstwhile partner, Verizon, for the impending release.
The Chinese Corporation TCL, which purchased the Palm brand back in 2015, Information Systems too in the midst of reviving BlackBerry, another dated smartphone brand, with making handsets.

Palm phone
Palm phone


 Verizon plans to release a Palm phone later this year

final August, a TCL executive approved which the Corporation was gearing up to release Palm-branded smartphones in 2018.
Sadly, we do not realize anything about the cell smartphone itself at now (well, we realize it runs Droid), however the reality which TCL Information Systems working by Verizon Information Systems saying.
The transporter was a longtime Palm partner, selling generality of the brand’s webOS handsets all the method out of the Pre two.
A Pre-style slider cell smartphone (we do not realize which it’s a slider cell smartphone – we do not realize anything about it) probably be an easier discound, especially if it’s will be distributed on a great transporter such as Verizon.
If & the time we learn further about the unclear Palm cell smartphone, we’ll allow you realize.

Palm phone
Palm phone