Nybble and Naga 3D of the best invention for 2019

Nybble and Naga 3D of the best invention for 2019

we have talked about the best invention for 2019 such as smart buckle, snore circle, Nano 1, SIB, solar roadways, Dolfi, BIMOZ , Lumzag , US:E , Cleanse BOT and atomic PI in previous articles .
We’re going to talk about two more inventions.

The first invention of the day is Nybble.


it is a robotic cat walks and move easily and type of advanced robotic

features of Nybble:

1-Nybble works by ardunio compatible micro controllers.

2-It has a muscle memory to walk and optional AI chip.
3-You can installation Raspberry on top of Nybble to help it.
4-You can program your best language.
5-ALSO. Nybble took an order directly as walk or turn right. ,
6-the height is 5.5 in (145mm).
7-It has a 32k flash.
8-It provides 2k lines of ardunio sketch.
9-Nybble continues walking to 30 minutes and 20 MHz clocks.
10-Finally,the designhas a 3D puzzle frame.

The second invention for 2019 is Naga 3D

2-Naga 3D headphones 

Naga 3D headphones is a headphones converts stereo to 3D sound.
You can use it in everywhere as your room or your job .

Features of Naga 3D

1-You can hear a more realistic voice with a spatial sound.
2- With the clarity and accuracy you hear
3- Reducing of discomfort
4- Transmittingsound in a high quality and consistent manner
5-it Designed using flexible solar panels
6-it Consists of a perfect blend of sound and light
7-it continues to 20 hours because it has a 600 Han energy storage
8-you can add 20 songs to headphones.
9-it is a lightweight
10- you can breathable soundproof cotton .
11-you will focus on Naga 3D all the day.
12- Naga 3D charges with solar energy.


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The Best invention for 2019

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