PlanetSide Arena servers will close down through four months after launch


PlanetSide Arena servers declared bad news about it

Although this game is battle royale spinoff of free play

Planetside 2, it will shut down in January 2020

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PlanetSide Arena servers

PlanetSide Arena started Early Access on Steam on Sep eighteen, however the sport was already in bother at the time.

it had originally planned for a January 2019 unharness however  later delayed to March, and so eventually

to the summer.

The battle royale spinoff started with support for 300-player matches, unfold across twenty five groups with twelve

players every, with Associate in Nursing bold arrange of eventually supporting one,000-player matches. However, PlanetSide Arena did not draw enough interest.

PlanetSide Arena servers
PlanetSide Arena servers

According to Steam Charts, when touching a peak of one,481 players in Gregorian calendar month,

PlanetSide Arena solely achieved a peak of 297 players in Gregorian calendar month. That variety dwindled

additional to a peak of seventy players in Nov. Over the past thirty days, the typical variety of players on-line

for the sport was solely ten.5 players, that is certainly not enough for battle royale.


In Associate in Nursing announcement on Steam, break of the day Game Company’s government producer

for the PlanetSide franchise, Andy Sites, aforementioned that the population levels within the initial few months since PlanetSide Arena started Early Access

“make it not possible to sustain the gameplay expertise we tend to visualised.”

PlanetSide Arena servers
PlanetSide Arena servers

PlanetSide Arena servers

Therefore, this servers take a decision to shut down on January 1oth, 2020 at 5:00 p.m

Daybreak game company is now working with steam to provide full refunds for players who made purchases through the game’s early access, that they will receive in their steam wallets after the servers switched off

PlanetSide Arena, it will be playable even the servers shut down, so players who  interested in the doomed battle royale game have time to give it a try

Sites said that while the short-lived PlanetSide Arena was uncomfortable daybreak game company keeps deeply committed to the franchise






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