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German court rules versus Syrian runaway in Facebook fake news case

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as informed in Syrian refugee Anas Modamani speaks to the media after a court session | Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images German court rules against Syrian refugee in Facebook fake news case The migrant said the company allowed the dissemination of slanderous and false news about him.
A German court ruled Tuesday against a Syrian refugee who filed an injunction against social media giant Facebook.
“We appreciate that this is a very difficult situation for Mr. Modamani.
“We will continue meeting our obligations under German law in relation to content which is shared by people on our platform,” a Facebook spokesperson said.
He also accused Facebook of spreading “fake news” throughout the trial process about how they had addressed the case.

German court rules  versus Syrian  runaway in Facebook fake news case

as declared in Facebook10/23 Macaulay Culkin dead hoax How to reassure the world you’re still alive after the internet reports that you’re dead?
NSW newspaper The Northern Star claims the four metre catch was made by a local fisherman known only as “Matthew”.
However, Mr Brooks has subsequently admitted he did not take the images – but continued to claim that the photographs are “real”.
It was also, not unexpectedly, a complete fake, including completely fabricated quotations from ‘experts’ and a picture that is actually of a very young kangaroo.
The images first emerged after Byron Bay resident Geoff Brooks posted them to his Facebook timeline.


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