The most prominent functions to be performed by the future Robots, thus threatening the workforce

The world was not surprised by the appearance of Robot Sophia, who led the panel discussions at an investment conference in Saudi Arabia recently. The robot, according to the company Robotic, was designed to adapt to human behavior and behavior, but Sofia’s entry into the conference management area opened the door to the future robots, specifically in the area of jobs and business, and the threat to workers

The following are the most important functions that Android will perform in the future, thus threatening the workforce:

The role of Future robots in teaching field

In 2014, a French company created an educational robot, called NAO, the author of this future robot, to undertake teaching tasks at a school in Connecticut. The company aims to become an alternative robot for the future teacher after its development.

Future robots in Hospitality sector

The robot seems to replace the staff in the hospitality sector, threatening tens of thousands of jobs. Studies indicate that the future robots will act as a waiter in restaurants, serving as hotel cleaners, as well as its role in receiving customers in cafes, restaurants, So hotels. Finally, China announced the development of a robot to perform the functions of hospitality in restaurants and cafes, where many of them were run, instead of the human, and called the robot the bellows, where they provide food to customers and welcome them and booking tables and account.

future Robots
future Robots

Future robots in Musical playing field

In July 2017, a concert  held in Italy, where the concert organized by a robot called “Yomi”. The robot was the orchestra leader at the ceremony at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The robot will replace the conductor in the coming years, Who knows, perhaps the musicians will also turn into robots, and the concert  composed of a special group of robots, and will open the way for the creation of bands, the heroes of robots.

Nursing and Medicine field

as a result in, The Panasonic Group of Japan has announced the introduction of the HQSBA robot, designed to be an assistant to medical teams working in hospitals. Many robots have begun to work in Japanese hospitals, rather than nurses, and it is remarkable that many hospitals have already started using robots. On the other hand, Business Insider reported that technology companies are seeking to develop Future robots that perform doctors. Especially surgeons, to help doctors in many tasks.

future Robots
future Robots

Future robots Guard mission

most of all,One of the most important roles that robots is likely to perform in the near future is security and security. The robot is likely to act as a security guard in supermarkets. And supermarkets and is likely to play the role of intelligent security man in police stations. Administrative and security functions.

Role of Future robots in sales field

in addition to, Jobs threatened in the near future, the seller’s function. Especially in supermarkets, as the robot, seeking to become the seller’s place in many places. The robot can answer customers’ questions, guide them and suggest some products for the experiment. And tell customers a welcome phrase and interact with them well.

future Robots
future Robots

Agriculture and agriculture in the future

In Japan, technology companies have invented many robots to play the role of farmers. By programming them to spread and cultivate seeds. According to media reports, the absence of agricultural labor and the lack of agricultural products have prompted successive governments to boost robot employment in agriculture.

Future robots sweep in the industry field

finally,The United States has already begun to employ the robot in the heavy industry. Rather than employing human labor, and the robot plays a major role in heavy industry. Such as aircraft, weapons, and others. Because of the broad role of robots in the field of work. Microsoft founder Bill Gates suggested that the robot pay taxes, especially as it carries out human missions. And Gates says that Android has to pay taxes. Like citizens, which enhances the state’s fiscal capacity.

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