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Google Play Services Download for Android Devices & found Over 100 Android Apps

according to The Google Play Services app for Android ensures that all of the apps installed on your device are up-to-date.
The Google Play services app also lets you manage all the apps not only the ones that you have installed.
The latest Apk is available for download in APKMirror, or you can upgrade the app to newer version from Google Play.
With this app, you can authorize Google services, adjust your contacts, access the latest user privacy settings and can use location-based services.
The app regularly checks for new updates for the installed apps on Google Play and lets you upgrade them.

Over 100 Android Apps on Google Play Found to Be Infected With Windows Malware


referring to alo Alto Networks discovered the malware-ridden apps and reported them to Google to have them removed from Google Play.
If a developer was infected with one of these viruses, their app’s HTML files could be infected,” the report notes.
So while the apps themselves aren’t a threat on Android devices, it still raises concerns on Google’s app screening process, and why it failed to identify the infected apps.
In the report, Palo Alto Networks traces the infected apps to a common geographical location even though the developers are unrelated.
Now, a bizarre new type of malware has been detected in around 132 apps in Google Play that had the ability to affect Windows users, according to a security firm.

referring to It’s a mystery that left researchers scratching their heads: 132 Android apps in the official Google Play market attempted to infect users with… Windows malware.

Potential Damages and Mitigation Currently, infected apps will not cause damage to Android users.
On top of that, the two malicious domains in the iframes— and—were taken over by Polish security authorities in 2013.
The apps, which were spawned by seven different developers, mostly contained carefully concealed HTML-based iframe tags that connected to two heavily obfuscated malicious domains.
The main apps loaded WebView components that were configured to allow loaded JavaScript code to access the app’s native functionality.

collected by :Mina Lony

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