Researchers find further malware-infected applications on Google Play

Researchers find further malware-infected applications on Google PlaySecurity researchers have disclosed several applications on the Google Play store harbouring the Bankbot app.

Both companies told they have told Google about the apps.
Researchers told that the first application contained Bankbot while the second contains a dropper, malware used to install other malware when instructed.
“As their popularity will increase, it is likely that Google will increase the rigour of its checks to filter out such apps.
While total safety isn’t possible, the formal Google play store ought remain by and big a trusted repository,” he said.

the way to make sure your applications are secure with Google Play prevent

google play protect

as declared in Google Play Protect rolled out with Google Play Services 11.
To discover that version of Google Play Services is on your device, go to Settings | applications | Application List | Google Play Services.
Once Google Play Services is updated to at least version 11, Google Play Protect will be installed and enabled by default (Figure B).
This is especially true if you’re installing from unknown sources (and you’ve enabled Google Play Protect to send unknown applications to Google).
Do understand that every application is scanned by Google Play Protect from within the Google Play store.

as declared in

Spyware found in further than thousand applications in Google Play store

 Google Play store

Spyware found in further than 1,000 applications in Google Play storeAccording to a blog post by safety researchers at Lookout, further than a thousand applications on Google Play contain a new spyware family called SonicSpy.
“Apps like SonicSpy capitalise on this by pretending to be trustworthy applications in well-known marketplaces,” he added.
Chris Doman, safety researcher at AlienVault, told SC Media UK that Google employs automated scanning techniques such as sandboxing new apps.
However, there are millions of applications in the Google Play store and it can be very difficult to differentiate between a legitimate application that requires remotely accessing a phone and a malicious one.
“In this case, LookOut identified the application by employing some malware hunting methods that were different to how Google operates,” he said.

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