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Team Apollo may have been heavy on the bantz, but under the pantomime laughter appeared to be some genuine animus aimed at opponents Carbide.
People do want to see stuff getting smashed, Dave.
And as for Crackers ‘n’ Smash, those fellas were tops.
“People want to see stuff getting smashed, that’s why we’re here,” replied Dave with the sagacity of a seasoned pro.
Elsewhere, Coyote impressively withstood a couple of Carbide attacks, while Crackers ‘n’ Smash gamely faced this heat’s winners with nary a weapon, having to rely more on their flight than fight instinct.

INQSport: Robot Wars series 9 episode 5 review

referring to So next week is the final, and there’s one place to be filled by a wildcard runner-up.
But of course, all this was a sideshow to the real battle tonight – series 8 winner and runner-up Apollo and Carbide back for some ‘venge.
There were a couple of times last night where we found ourselves wondering what exactly a cluster bot is, for the purposes of robot fighting.
Or will they go for an even wilder wildcard, like Ironside 3, for example, who outclassed everyone else in their heat.
Robot after robot sustained serious damage, and even Apollo had its flipper knocked out of alignment to the point that, when they met head to head in the final, it just wasn’t up to the task.
Robot Wars

Angela ScanlonBefore fronting Robot Wars, Angela has got an impressive CV of presenting roles after starting live on Ireland’s RTE channel.
As well as Robot Wars, she is currently working on The One Show as Alex Jones goes on maternity leave.
Who is presenting Robot Wars?
The new series of Robot Wars launched on March 5, and the series continues on Sunday April 2 at 7pm on BBC Two.
Read on for all the details on the latest series…Mentorn Media Scotland 5 Dara and Angela are the new presenters for the showWhen is Robot Wars on?

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