Robots machines compete with humans

Robots are a mechanical machines that is driven by man or by software,

 and the word robot first appeared in 1920,

 and robots machines  was invented to do hard work such as searching for mines or disposing of radioactive waste.

 also There are many kinds of robots like:

 Industrial robot is used in major factories to perform welding, and transport large objects,

and control the quality and validity of the finished products,

and added the computer Vision feature to be able to understand the images you receive in an internal computer.

There are robots capable of driving drones.

and There is a social robot that does housework, and helps children to study.

Robots machines

*Robots are an alternative to human beings in jobs:






 above all, Robots invented to teach children instead of human,

 then where this invention was tested at a school for the handicapped in Connecticut

where it helps children to develop their skills,and it’s not big in size, about 22, and it called ( Nao),

Many schools can dispense with teachers because of this invention, which will save them a lot of money and it will not complain of increased work.


2- Nursing:


A robot has been invented as a bed called ( Epush bed ) to help patients and easily move from one place to another.


3- shop seller:


Robots have been invented that stand in stores and sell products, and they received a welcome signal to customers, and nominate them the best products.




Appeared in many movies robots programmed to do some roles and in the future can dispense actors and replace robots.


5-The pilot’s career:


A robot has been invented to assist the pilot in driving the plane to ensure the safety of the passengers,

but in the future the robot will fly the plane alone without needing a pilot.


6-Receptionist in hotel:


Last year a robot was invented and placed in a hotel to instruct the visitors to place their rooms, and nominate them the best places to visit, and it telling them their bills.


7-Bartender Job:



 Robots have been placed in most restaurants to bring their demands to customers, and they replace the human being in the rest of the resturant business.


Robots machines



*Benefits of robots:


1-NASA used robotics in space exploration where it is less costly than sending humans and endangering their lives,

as robots are not affected by temperature or harmful radiation, and  be left there without having to make a return trip.

2-Programmed robots have been invented in an accurate alternative way for humans to keep their life to do dangerous work such as defusing and dismantling bombs,

but it must be programmed correctly because it can cause a big explosion during the dismantling of bombs.


*Disadvantages of robots:


 Robots despite their ability to do a lot of work but the man is better than her because he is  make it the robots have no mind to think about it they only carry out what is required of them

and if the human being depended on robots only this can cause a lot of problems and bring damage to the human.


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