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Samsung Launches Samsung Cloud Service on Its New smart Phones for Backup Service

You can store and backup Google from the Google Drive service, but users also enjoy the service of E-Cloud, which allows them to backup their data

and stored encrypted on Apple servers with the possibility of recovery at any time.

While Samsung company did not come with these phones The advantage is usually but not anymore.

As the cloud storage service is available free of charge through Samsung Cloud Service for Android phones or the iCloud software for Android.

And as many people are looking for the icloud in the iPhone,

and the service of Samsung Cloud Automatic backup of data and applications , And Synchronize data between different user devices without downloading the automatic copy software for Android.

Samsung Cloud service

What is the new Samsung Cloud service? What devices does it support?

Samsung Cloud service is a new cloud storage service, launched with the Galaxy Note 7

and later available in Samsung’s upcoming handsets and some of its previous devices, giving users 15 GB of cloud storage space, offering an easy way to backup data, retrieve it on new devices, and synchronize data Between user devices if they have more than one device that supports the feature.

n addition to Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has launched an update to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 150 MB that adds feature to both phones.

There is currently no information on whether the company intends to launch the service to other phones.

Why do you need a Samsung Cloud Service on your Phone for Backup Service?

If you backup your mobile phone, it will be easier for you to get back to lost or deleted files.

If you store backup files in a cloud, you can easily access them, no matter where you are.

This Samsung Cloud service Online Backup Service enables users to restore their backup files after having the right search for lost files.

It’s now easy to get a continuous network even if you’re out. The loss caused by incorrect deletion, system attack problem and virus.

If you have a Samsung device or a mobile phone, you can create a backup file on the cloud without hassle.

All the files for you on your Samsung device easily backed up if you read this article and do what it tells you. In the following sections, I will help you through the whole process. Including the preparation of the Samsung account and back then Samsung to the cloud.

Iphone has also  a system for how to back up your data

How does the Samsung cloud service work for Samsung and what backed up?

The Samsung cloud service activated on supported devices by going to Phone Settings, then Cloud and Accounts and Samsung Cloud,

where there is a list of applications or settings that you can activate their automatic backup.

finally,The service supports the backup of all default applications in the phone with its data.

Samsung says it supports a “selection” of other applications, and the service seems to be gradually starting to support more popular applications.

In addition, you can back up the phone screens and how to arrange icons, user settings, and of course images, files and contacts, so that your data will return as it retrieved on a new phone, for example.

In addition to, the service supports synchronization, as information and data always  synchronized and updated on all your devices if you have more than one phone or tablet.



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