Samsung Company and 22 exciting facts about it

Samsung Company is one of the biggest companies in the manufacture of Android smartphones and TVs it is a Korean company of Korean origin
This company has been establishing its place and putting its own imprint for ages.


Samsung Company

1-This company started its production with sold noodles,

then Samsung sold a 12-inch black and white TV

2-also, the company concentrated on generating

as possible in house, about 90% of Samsung material made in Samsung factories

3- Samsung has collaborated with six flags

for entering the first virtual reality in North America in order to create Samsung VR equipment

After, happening the smart collaborating They created a virtual reality game for the two roller coasters.


Samsung Company


Samsung Company
Samsung Company

4-also, Samsung was expanded in seventy-nine countries, they employ over 236.000 staff

5-this company is always Initiative in the technology field
They created digital TV in 1998,

with watch phone and MP3 phone in 1999,

the 3D home theatre in 2010 and the world’s curved

smartphone display in 2013

6-Samsung freighted 306 million units worldwide

that is a raising of 283 1 million units compared to 2010

7- and With Samsung s3 sales reaching 500 units per minute

8- Samsung also reached the highest peaks of technology

in a very short time, for their mobile devices

rivalling likes Cortana or Siri
Also, Samsung’s S8 the first device to use the flagship Bixby system

9-too many employees reached to 53400 employees took

over 64 courses through Samsung’s HR Development

centre since 1993
10-Samsung’s freight building sector,

whose centre spans 400 million sq.feet, bases more than 30 large ships per year

Samsung Company

11-also, Samsung does three stars in Korean,

lee Byung-chull Samsung founder determined for using the name after his vision for a company like everlasting as the stars

Byung-chull Samsung founder
Byung-chull Samsung founder

12-the logo came into use in 1993, before that there were 2 other logos, established in 1969 and 1980 respectively

13-also, South Korea’s air force presents many to thank for Samsung because it created their first-ever fighter jet the KF-16

14-Samsung performs trials of a self- driving the car in South Korea in 2017

15-Samsung invested $10.8 billion in 2020 for research and development that was 6% of the company’s revenue which is about a ¼ of employees or 60000 staff

Samsung Company


Samsung Company
Samsung Company

16- The company was hit by a loss of patent for some of its devices in 2017 By Huawei, which is the third in the world to the phone industry while Samsung being the first

17-Samsung got more patents than any other company all over the world with 7670 U.S patents

18- thirty-four electrical car charging ports have installed to convince staff to move the electrical vehicles and support commuters in Samsung’s silicon valley US headquarters

19-Samsung has a building named 837 in New York,
This building  known as a digital playground to appear


Samsung kit, from a mass theatre display made of ninety-six 55 screens to a VR tunnel and family concentrated playroom using galaxy view

20- Samsung has focused on sustainability since 2015 and has been working with the United Nations to ensure that its sustainable development goals are achieved between 2016 and 2030.
Among the objectives are gender equality and the elimination of hunger

21-Samsung based in 1938 that is exactly 38 years before to apple

22-Samsung is concerned many different areas not just technology fields
The tallest building is called Burj Khalifa, The company in charge of it was Samsung.




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