Samsung down Patent Case To Huawei

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Reuters reported Huawei still has several on-going lawsuits with Samsung in both China and the United States.
“Over many years, Samsung Electronics has pioneered the development of innovative mobile technologies through continuous investment in R&D to provide consumers with a wide selection of innovative products,” a Samsung spokesperson told ZDnet.
“We maintain that respect for intellectual property promotes innovation and healthy, sustained growth in the industry.”
Huawei alleged that that over 20 different Samsung smartphones and tablets violated its patents, Reuters reported .
A Chinese court in Quanzhou has ordered the consumer electronics giant to pay Huawei 80 million yuan, or $11.6 million, for allegedly infringing on the Chinese phone maker’s intellectual property, according to a report this week by ZDNet .
Samsung down

As it stated in After Apple Pay loss, Westpac turns to Samsung PayHaving lost its bitter Apple Pay battle, Australia’s Westpac has signed up to support a rival NFC mobile payments service from Samsung.
Westpac was one of a group of Oz banks which was recently denied authorisation to collectively bargain with Apple and boycott Apple Pay.
Missing from this list is Apple Pay.
George Frazis, chief executive, consumer bank, Westpac, says: “On many devices, our customers can now use either Westpac Tap and Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay to make contactless payments, and we’re delighted to be the first Australian-owned bank to offer this choice.”
The banks – Westpac, CBA, NAB, and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank – went to Australia’s competition watchdog last summer seeking permission to engage in collective negotiation with Apple in relation to the roll out of Apple Pay in Australia.

Westpac customers around Australia will now be able to make mobile payments using Samsung Pay

Along with Citibank (for Mastercard and Visa credit card holders) and American Express, the Westpac partnership brings Samsung Pay availability to a third of all Australians.
On top of this, Samsung announced today that iris scan, which is featured on its upcoming phones, can be used as an authentication method for Samsung Pay.
Samsung will also be launching a new NFC provisioning feature that will allow users to simply tap their credit card on the back of their handset in place of manually entering their card details into Samsung Pay.
Customers will now be able to pay for items using a number of Samsung products, including the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets.
 Samsung Pay