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Samsung galaxy s10e review


Samsung galaxy s10e review has sprung a brand new, cheaper model on the globe with its annual flagship refresh – the Samsung S10e is that the most cheap of the new S10 phones, behind the quality Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 and, and therefore the Galaxy S10 5G model.

Samsung galaxy s10e review 


with the S10e screen measurement five.8 inches

compared with the six.1 inches of the S10 and therefore the six.4 inches of the S10 and. that offers you less house

for your apps, however suggests that the S10e is a lot of pocket-friendly.

The smartphone is additionally rated IP68 for water

and mud resistance, which implies it will stand up to a swim in one.5 metres of water for [*fr1] AN hour – you do not got to be petrified of it taking a fast dunk

however it will not survive per week at very cheap of the ocean.


Don’t forget that a smaller screen and a lower resolution means that fewer pixels to push. Apps and menus fly by on the Samsung Galaxy S10e,

and it had no issues dealing with the games we tend

to vie thereon – from knotty puzzlers to high-octane athletics games.

As we’ve aforementioned, if you are wont to an even bigger show, then the additional compact keyboard and lack of area for your Twitter timeline

or Spotify playlists would possibly begin to grate.

Samsung galaxy s10e review

However, once you get wont to it, the smaller size is ok – and you definitely will not complain if you are returning from a telephone of comparable dimensions.

The extra RAM obtainable on the S10 and S10 and phones would possibly are available handy for very massive apps and very rigorous multitasking,

however honestly the Galaxy S10e goes to try and do you proud and stay responsive for years to come back.

rather like the iPhone XR, it isn’t the performance

levels wherever the S10e cuts corners to stay the costs down.


Samsung galaxy s10e review

The camera system is one in every of the areas wherever the Samsung Galaxy S10e offers you but the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10 and. you simply get a dual-lens rear camera instead of a triple-lens setup – the 12MP+16MP camera system continues to be capable of taking some spectacular snaps, however you miss out on extras just like the 2x optical zoom offered on the opposite S10 models.

Battery life

The 3,100mAh battery packed within the Samsung Galaxy S10e can simply see you thru on a daily basis,

maybe owing to that smaller, lower-resolution screen:

we tend to usually had around 15-20 % left by hour once a full charge within the morning, although do not forget we tend

to were employing a innovative phone, thus you’ll most likely expect that to travel down over time.











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