Samsung Galaxy S20 all what you want to know



Samsung Galaxy S20  is the latest smartphones  of  Samsung company 

and it will appear on February this year,  Samsung include 5G in the standard models

Samsung Galaxy S20  

Design and display

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will have a 6.2-inch screen,

we’d expect the front and back to be Corning pongid Glass as most phones use,

however whereas premium devices generally have associate metallic element frame between, the Samsung Galaxy S20 radical might have a top-end stainless-steel frame. presently solely top-end iPhones and sure alternative handsets use this expensive and significant material in their builds,

thus if true this shows the S20 radical is about to redefine ‘premium’ smartphone style.

As for the remainder of the look, one issue we detected is that the quality Galaxy S11 would possibly are available blue, gray and black shades,

whereas the Samsung Galaxy S11e would possibly are available blue, gray and pink. The supply does not say what colours to expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 and in although

These displays may need a 120Hz refresh rate, providing power tool interactions than the 60Hz found on the S10 vary.

That theory is generally supported a 120Hz mode being noticed during a beta for Samsung’s smartphone computer code. there is not any guarantee the feature can arrive on the Galaxy S11 vary,

however it looks a possible candidate, particularly as a supply has currently aforementioned the maximum amount.

A huge phone leak secured the Galaxy S20 refresh rate and screen size rumors, adding the resolution of every would be 3200 x 1440. that will create the tiniest device have technically the simplest pixel-per-inch count.

The S11 may conjointly use a replacement screen technical school, as Samsung has proprietary the name SAMOLED, that feels like a replacement withstand the AMOLED screens utilized by its phones, we do not skills SAMOLED would disagree

Samsung Galaxy S20  
Samsung Galaxy S20


the camera on the S20 series will use nine-in-one pixel binning over four-in-one used by everyone else in the industry. The tipster notes that the 108MP camera will produce pixel-binned images equivalent to a 12MP 2.4-micron pixel camera.

Larger pixels capture more light and result in better low-light images. So Samsung’s 108MP camera might be the best in the industry

Unfortunately, it looks like only the Galaxy S20 Ultra variants will feature that ultra-high megapixel sensor. Recent Galaxy S20 Plus camera specs leaks reveal the 108MP camera will most likely be absent from the device, though it does look like it will come with a host of cool features

Samsung Galaxy S20  
Samsung Galaxy S20

Release date and price

Samsung Galaxy S20 unharness date can virtually actually be within the latter 1/2 February 2020. As we have a tendency to antecedently mentioned,

Samsung can seemingly reveal the devices fully at the Unpacked 2020 event February eleven so unharness the devices on-line

and in stores someday at that time.

As way as valuation goes, some recently leaked data discovered the Galaxy S20 series may doubtless supply a lower cost purpose than the Galaxy S10 lineup.

grievous bodily harm Weinbach from XDA Developers shared

some valuation data over on Twitter that claims the bottom Samsung Galaxy S20 may begin at concerning $850, whereas the 5G variant may begin somewhere around ~$1,000 (€900-€1000)








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