Samsung partners with Google works together to bring Augmented fact to 100m devices

SAMSUNG has declared itself unlock and collaborative as it shared its vision for the aftertime of smart tech at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.
The strategic copartnership with Google going to offer fresh business opportunities for developers, and a fresh platform for creating immersive fresh experiences for consumers.
Samsung company too reported which it going to unite its IoT services under SmartThings and release Bixby 2.0 with an SDK.
Now we’re taking a large step forward with our unlock IoT platform, smart ecosystem and Augmented fact capabilities,” he said.
In order to build this faster, easier and further powerful smart helper platform, Samsung going to provide the equipment to bring Bixby 2.0 into a wider number of apps and services.

Samsung is playing catch-up with the both, Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant

Samsung partners knows its Bixby virtual helper needs to be smarter.
That feature has soon come to the Amazon Echo and Google house Intelligent speakers, that come with Alexa and the Google Assistant, respectively.
That smartphone — such as the newer samsung galaxy Note8 smartphone — comes with a button dedicated to paging a public preview version of Bixby.
Samsung is integrating the tech from Viv Labs — the start-up Samsung acquired whose team previously worked on Siri — into Bixby, that can help make it a best alternative to the Google Assistant.
But Samsung too has an eye toward making Bixby work on devices that do not backing it out of the box.
Samsung smart phone

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Samsung partners with Google works together to bring ARCore platform to samsung galaxy devices

Today, Samsung and Google reported a copartnership to bring Google’s fresh ARCore framework to Samsung’s line of samsung galaxy smartphones, uniting the 2 giants’ Augmented fact efforts as the market is starting to truly crowd.
The break news is a large boon for Google’s ARCore, that Google reported earlier this year as a competitor to Apple’s ARKit.
Now, developers going to be enable to of design ARCore applications that work on both Google Pixel devices and samsung galaxy devices, involving the samsung galaxy S8 and Note 8.
With a industrialist as common as Samsung on board, ARCore can take off.
Huge news: Samsung is adopting Google’s ARCore on samsung galaxy S8/Note8 rather than fragmenting Droid AR.

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