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Seven robotics technologies of the year


We will offer you the most famous 7 amazing robotics
These techniques will change the future to robotics

Robotics technologies

1- Boston Dynamics’ Atlas doing parkour

firstly, Its length equals 1.5-m, 75-kg and it runs and jumps over the wooden boxes with no break in pace
and These possibilities increase walking on difficult terrain
also It helps for balancing, standing up, lifting and manipulating objects, and executing a back flip like a gymnast
Raibert said that ” “the mechanical system has a mind of its own, governed by the physical structure and laws of physics”

2-  Surgical’s da Vinci SP platform.

in the recent year spreads surgical innovations and
and More robotic platforms are emerging
and The issues will be addressed by increasing clinical absorption
such as cost effectiveness and barriers to wider clinical accessibility will be further addressed
da Vinci single-port system allows the surgeon to control three fully wristed

3-Soft robot that navigates through growth.

The idea of design is to put a tube of soft material folded inside it, but when pressed it grows outside
Then the front part of the tube comes out
and This idea addresses many of the robot’s challenges
also ,Scientists can extract a general biological principle from this and It is also used as a measure of geometric progression

4-3D-printed liquid crystal elastomers 

There are many invention for 2019 in different fields
Such as smart buckle and Naga 3D and others
But robots is more influence than any other invention
and This invention is wonderful because it works on developing power-efficient, multifunctional and compliant actuators this publication shows how the elastomers can be fabricated with 3D printing
This technique is large area designs and dynamic functional architectures for soft robots

5-. Muscle-mimetic, self-healing, and hydraulically amplified actuators.

firstly ,robotics technologies of the year is very useful
it has a controllable linear contractions up to 10%, a strain rate of 900% per second, and actuation at 50 Hz
actuator considers very strong and versatile
it works with electrostatic and hydraulic principles
the producer is cheap although this actuator is able to lift more than 200 times its weight

6- Self-assembled nanoscale robot from DNA.

above all, Nano is the most of invention .
nanoscale robotic systems provide in parallel for electrically driven transport of molecules
also The robot enables programmable synthesis
with ssembly of materials from the bottom up

7- DelFly nimble

firstly,It works in developing advanced technologies with practical applications
he robot can serve as a novel physical model to test how flying organisms perform flight control
This is a good model of Android and the Robots and we appreciate the development of flying robots


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