Sikorsky test flies Black hawk helicopter without a pilot


Black hawk helicopter take off in Florida in May 2019

It is one of the most famous aircraft used by the US military

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Black hawk helicopter

It is a normal appearance from the outside but there is something different from the inside

Sikorsky company for helicopter industry

The first part of the system is installed so that the helicopters allow the spine to fly on its own

It is the first trip for testing the self leadership

The setup consists of a simpler version of the independent flight system named matrix

The company was tested in other helicopter

It can do things in the future

Such as flying from point to point

After the pilot use input device such as tablet and self driving car

Also it has a sensors outside for realizing the atmosphere

Black hawk helicopter

The age of black hawk is more than 40 years

Also chris van buiten said that is the basic elements of the system of self-government

The black hawk is in the future qand it has a two pilot

and You can fly with two crews

Chris added that is planning for the same of old black hawk but self flying in 2020 for the first time

also The new component is the addition of Sikorsky, a flying system via wires

It is a big different in black hawk building

There are a mechanical connection between a control tools that uses the pilot in more the chopper and spinning tools

With airplane via wire such as boeing 787 dream liner

And the fighting airplane of F 16 model

The connection between the control tools that is used by pilot and the surface on the outside

For air plane and computer like fly by wire

And press on the connected button via electric circle and the door is opened

As non fly by wire open the door via strings or help some rollers

For making  the independent  helicopter via wire

It is named van bulten and this control system is more developed


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