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smart Firefighting helmet for Firefighters in the near future

This new innovation comes from (Sweden), which aims to radically change the face of a profession is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. The fire wire and through a smart Firefighting helmet will wear by firefighters in the near future. And is called: (C – THRU) or (helmet smoke diver)

The new smart Firefighting helmet has been approved by the fire departments in all countries of the world

This new smart Firefighting helmet, approve by fire departments in all countries of the world. And has come into use in various firefighting and rescue operations. Expected to save many human lives from fires in different forms and places and it will facilitate many of the functions of firefighters. Whether those who are on the first line in the face of the fire or those who are in close places. Such as: (houses – factories – public buildings) and the flames of the flames. To save those who  trapped by fire inside those places, whether they are alive or injured.

smart Firefighting helmet

The techniques found in smart Firefighting helmet, which distinguish it from others

This future helmet is characterized by advanced technology that allows the wearer to carry out a comprehensive digital survey of the surroundings and find people trapped in the fire site easily and quickly and much less than the time consumed by this process in the traditional search to date.

In addition to,

The smart Firefighting helmet includes a wireless communication system that connects firefighters to the fire site. Firefighters carry and transport separate equipment and devices inside the fire site. One of the features of this smart helmet Is that it is equip with a device (to cancel noise) in the environment. In which the firefighter is present and obscures the sound of his breathing during his movement and increases his attention and the degree of hearing other sounds such as partial parts of buildings or the collapse of the roofs or doors and windows and will have the ability to hear any distress call to people Trapped inside the fire who are still alive and so on a firefighter will not have to search or entering places where dangerous one doesn’t need help.

smart Firefighting helmet

Other features distinguish this smart Firefighting helmet

It is also one of the advantages of this smart helmet that it is equip with a screen and 3D technology. Where the firefighter can see the ocean in it and around it more fully and clearly. This addition to the information and valuable data. And the mission send by the field operations center outside The fire site. Which manages the fire extinguishing process in full . An example of this information is the safe and proper way in which the fireman must go inside the fire site. (which he may not be able to see because of heavy smoke inside the fire place) Alive or infect persons And lose consciousness)

smart Firefighting helmet

How the field operations center located outside the site of the fire can provide the firefighter with all that information

Through the optical thermal camera technology installed in the front of the helmet and the system of cloud computing used to receive and resend the audio data and visual images of the smart helmet and even put points on the images of the scene of the fire in which the fireman and re-sent him to indicate the sites of interest to a man Extinguish its knowledge in order to avoid or accelerate it and then activate the target control system (infected person or unconscious or besieged) electronically

smart Firefighting helmet


It may seem strange to some that there is a thermal optical camera inside a fire zone. But it is not strange that the purpose of providing the smart helmet with this camera. It is not to help the firefighter directly during the rescue operation. But to scan the scene of the fire in a digital way and then (Portable radio unit) mount on the helmet shoulder. By sending it to a laptop computer and locate in the command of the field center for the management of fire. And rescue operations locate outside the fire site.

The main objective of smart Firefighting helmet innovation

The main objective of this innovation is to develop the speed and safety of firefighters. While they are in the fire. And the environment is full of dangers (heavy smoke, toxicity and lack of vision surrounded by high temperatures). They do not need to use this smart helmet to carry equipment (As has been the practice so far). Impede and slow down their movement. This helmet also has the ability to simplify and reduce many layers of lids worn by firefighters with only one unit. However, it provides direct and quick communication modes and most importantly is not portable in Between firefighters inside and outside the site Fire on the one hand and between the field operations for the Fire Department and Rescue Center on the other hand.

smart Firefighting helmet


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