Your smartphone iPhone battery replacement isn’t going to be delayed anymore, tells report

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Sarah Tew/CNETIf you necessity a battery replacement for your aging iPhone, things probably have gotten a tiny easier.
Apple announcly approved which “service inventory of all iPhone replacement batteries Information Systems this day obtainable without delay,” according to an internal memo seen with MacRumors.
This comes during a long saga of iPhone battery woes.
As a remedy, Apple offered its $29 battery replacement programme, however some people announcly encountered long wait times because of short supply the time getting their fresh battery.
The BBC announced which Apple was trying to up-purvey some battery replacement customers with announcly requiring them to pay for costly reforms before they can replace their battery.

It’s this day much faster to get a replacement iPhone battery from Apple

iPhone battery replacement programme evidenced to be incredibly attractive to users.
in reality, it wasn’t long before Apple completely ran through iPhone six Plus replacement batteries.
Moreover, battery replacements for other iPhone models were sometimes subject to a several-7 days delay.
According to a report from MacRumors, there Information Systems no longer any delay on battery replacements across all iPhone models.
Apple has approved which “service inventory of all iPhone replacement batteries Information Systems this day obtainable without delay,” in an internal memo distributed to Apple Stores & its network of Apple Authorized Service Providers on April 27.

iPhone battery
iPhone battery

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Apple’s iPhone replacement batteries are announcly in stock without delays

Apple’s iPhone replacement batteries beat’t have any further expanded delays because of limited supply, according to a leaked internal memo the Corporation sent to Apple stores & service providers final 30 days which was seen with MacRumors.
this day all Apple stores & service providers could order the replacement batteries & get them without delays from supply constraints, though shipping could continue take time.
Apple formerly told it would be low on supplies of replacement batteries until late March or early April. Which turned out to be true.
Apple’s backing page currently tells which replacing a iPhone battery takes up to 5 business days. Which Information Systems what it told prior to this leaked memo.
Apple apologized & lowered its battery replacement fee to $29 in December as a method of compensating for the CPU throttling.

iPhone battery
iPhone battery

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